Queen Opens Scottish Parliament

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay attended the opening of the sixth session of Scottish Parliament on Saturday in Edinburgh. The queen officially opened new session of the devolved Scottish government in a ceremony that paid tribute to local heroes from across Scotland who have supported their communities throughout the pandemic.

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For this event, she wore a new hat. Covered in the same textured deep teal green wool crepe as the ensemble’s coat, the hat’s crown has molded sides and a domed top while the brim, covered with fabric on the underside only, follows a sharp sidesweep. The design is trimmed with a monochrome hatband and multi-looped bow in the same fabric and a pair of statement feathers.

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At first glance, its familiar shape (it has two twins) downplays this hat. But the detail in the fantastic statement feathers – bright turquoise spines and dyed blue and green barbs- and the contrasting bright green sinamay on the top of the brim, give this design more interest and dimension than it initially appears to have. I adore a hat that draws you in for a close look and this one certainly delivers.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Rothesay also wore a new hat in the loveliest shade of loden green. The rigid beret design is also covered the same crepe as her coat (notice the round seam around the crown) and is simply trimmed with a stunning spray of striped pheasant feathers.

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It is a great look for Camilla, the same fabric on coat and hat broken up by he coat’s red trim and Camilla’s ruffled cream blouse which provide enough contrast of colour and texture to keep the ensemble from falling flat. Like the queen’s hat, the feather trim on this design absolutely makes it.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of this new pair of green hats in Scotland over the weekend?

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12 thoughts on “Queen Opens Scottish Parliament

  1. This appears to be the dress for the Queen’s new coat.
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. That saturated teal is terrific on the Queen!

    (HQ – I see a bonus 2011 shot of Tia Tequila in the last sequence of photos – assuming unintended)

  3. I agree with all of the above. I really like HM’s hats that don’t have a contrasting flower spray for a change and feathers are always good. The skill of the workmanship is supreme.

  4. Stellar hats, both. I would love to see QE wear this lovely green outfit at Christmas.

    I wonder if Camilla’s outfit suffered a little when seen alongside QE’s, which seems the more vibrant of the two greens. But altogether a very good hat showing! So delightful to be seeing more hats out and about again

  5. Wonderful outfit for the Queen. The hat is a favourite. I too like shades of green.
    Camilla’s out fit is a winner but not the blouse. I realize it goes well with the outfit, however a plain sweater I think would have been nicer.

  6. A lovely pairing of green hats. HM’s is familiar but has enough interest, I particularly love the shot of turquoise in the feathers.
    Camilla’s is also a twin hat, she has identical ones in red and blue, and this is just as good. The seam is particularly good, that must require immense skill to get it so perfect and pucker free.

  7. These are both spiffing hats in themselves that also complement their respective outfits beautifully, and the whole ensembles are perfectly suited to the occasion – what more could one ask for?

  8. I love this outfit on QEII. The colour is stunning, the new hat is a lovely shape on her the crown is well-balanced and the feather trim with the little touch of brightness is masterly. I wish we could see a peek of the dress worn underneath.

    Camilla looked good too – love the beret style on her with the beautiful feathers and the little piece of tartan trim on the coat placket looks super smart along with the lined pockets. I don’t think the sleeves needed the added trim. Super coat buttons. I don’t think enough credit is given to buttons – they can make or break an outfit.

    • Thank you, lesleyc19, for pointing out the buttons! I went back and enlarged the photos and yes! what beautiful touch! The tailoring on both these outfits is superb. And the hats are equally fine.

      • I love buttons. Chanel always has wonderful buttons. Karl Lagerfeld saved many of the little artisan businesses that supply the couturiers and I think buttons may be one of them. He brought them under the Chanel umbrella to keep them going and they also supply other couture houses.

        There was a wonderful BBC series – three parts I think – that details his time with Chanel and he talks about saving the little artisan businesses. It might be available on YouTube or even BBC iPlayer and it’s well worth watching.

  9. If there was ever a royal hat outing with me in mind, this is definitely it! Two new gorgeous hats in my favorite color green clearly left me quite happy this weekend. 😉

    A familiar shape for HM, but the fantastically dyed feathers and bright upside of the brim help make this one unique and fun. The teal green color is also great on HM, and I hope we get a repeat of this before fall and winter is over! P.S. the brooch is a beautiful added bonus to this whole ensemble.

    This makes beret with feather #5 I believe for Camilla. Despite there being many siblings, each retains an individuality that makes it feel like we aren’t seeing the same thing repeated again and again. I liked the seam to break up this loden green, and the multicolor pheasant feathers brighten up the subdued color otherwise.

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