Danish Opening of Parliament 2021

Queen Margrethe, Crown Princess Mary and Princess Benedikte were in a trio of aubergine hats yesterday for the Danish opening of  parliament. The Danish queen repeated her sharp fabric covered boater hat with red brim and aubergine crown with slim hatband and small back bow with trailing tails.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Nov 27, 2020

Crown Princess Mary wore a new hat, a deep mulberry calot with knotted bow at the back.

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Mary debuted a new aubergine calot hat with knotted bow at the back.

Designer: looks like Jane Taylor Skull Cap
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Benedikte repeated her plum wool domed hat with magenta spiral rings and black feather trim.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Oct 18, 2018; Jan 16, 2016; Dec 7, 2015; April 1, 2005; October 2003

It’s not often we see such a colour-coordinated group of chapeaux at a royal event- what do you think of this trio?

Images from Getty as indicated  

10 thoughts on “Danish Opening of Parliament 2021

  1. Nice titfers all round – I love Margrethe’s cheeky boater, and Benedikte’s helter skelter has been surprisingly versatile over many years. Mary looks elegant, but nothing here to get too excited about as it’s all quite subdued.

  2. Definitely a subdued opening of parliament for the Danish this year. Margrethe wins for me, although I thought this hat had been worn another time since its premiere! I like Benedikte’s hat, but I would’ve chosen a different coat to better color-coordinate with it. While Mary’s open calot is a fine hat for her, I agree with others the color (and therefore the hat) gets lost in her hair; also IMO pantsuits look more balanced with larger hats (especially something brimmed).

  3. I was surprised to see that CPMary’s headpiece was open at the back. Maybe to match the mesh gloves?

    Lovely hats all but I particularly adore the Queen’s. The colours are unexpected but wonderful and QM always wears this piece with flair.

  4. Queen Margrethe’s hat is a great shape on her. She wears boaters at a jaunty angle and it looks great on her. I never would have thought to pair those 2 colors together, but it works. I like how QM’s colors transition to Princess Benedikte’s. She has some red in her jacket and it works well standing next to QM. Her hat is lovely – the style and color look great on her. PB is always elegantly dressed.

    I really love CP Mary’s calot. It’s a fabulous shape on her. I do wish she would have worn an outfit in the aubergine as it’s a great color on her and it would have allowed that great calot to shine a bit more.

  5. Great looks all around! My favorite is the Queen’s boater. Love the crisp look and that stunning color combination.

    I’ll rate the pair of green hats from Saturday over the three aubergine only because they were both new, but what a great week for hats!

  6. The matching color looked great — I can’t imagine that it was a coincidence! Happy to see Queen Margrethe in this hat again — it goes so well with the red jacket. One of my faves of Benedikte’s hats — everyone should definitely visit the 2016/01/18 post to see the “aerial view” of the spiral trim. I think I agree with Lesleyc19 about CP Mary’s hat not showing up well against her hair, though I was also (this is not specifically hat related) surprised that she was wearing a pantsuit — I would have thought that the opening of Parliament was an occasion a bit more formal than that.

  7. I love this co-ordinated look. Whilst I like the aubergine with red, and love HM’s hat, I think the colour doesn’t provide quite enough contrast to the black for the CP.
    Benedikte looks fab as always – colourful and bejewelled and yet restrained and elegant.

  8. All very nice. The Queen’s hat is at a very jaunty angle. I think CPM’s calot needs something to give it some contrast to her hair, and I’m not sure the ponytail works terribly well. Still

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