Dutch State Visit to Norway Concludes

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima wrapped up their state visit to Norway on Thursday in Trondheim, accompanied by the Norwegian crown prince and princess.

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Queen Máxima repeated a crescent-shaped calot headpiece covered in stacked pleats in the same mulberry fabric as her firework embroidered coat.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Some of you may remember that on its first outing, this headpiece had two crescents with a split between them (see photos from that event in 2017 below). Or perhaps the two crescents were separate pieces, right from the start? We don’t see many royal hats with such scale options and this development adds to the interest and intrigue for this design.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown. Coat by Claes Iversen.
Previously Worn: Mar 28, 2017

Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore a slim navy headband.

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Embed from Getty Images

And that concludes this state visit! Which hats or headpieces stood out to you most this week in Norway?

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3 thoughts on “Dutch State Visit to Norway Concludes

  1. I knew something felt off when I first saw photos of this outing, and it’s that this hat was reduced in size by half! It makes sense given the low profile of hats in general for this state visit, but I prefer the full version of this calot (even though it wasn’t my favorite to begin with).

    For me this visit demonstrated some of Máxima’s best repeated outfits, even though the hats were quite low key (which isn’t a term I would use often to describe Máxima!), and I think that demonstrates a point in diplomatic dressing.

    • I totally agree that the calot works better when matched with its other half: you need to be able to see it from the front, above the hair otherwise it looks like the one she wore earlier in the visit which I likened to a hairslide.

      The “firework” outfit is wonderful – so strong & elegant – and I particularly love the photo inside the church where she looks stunning.

  2. In my view, Maxima saved the best for last. I love, love, love the firework coat and matching hat. I love the deep and rich color, the embellishments, and the scale of the hat. The space in between the two crescents add a ton of visual interest and breaks up the color a bit. The hat compliments the dress, but it doesn’t compete. I love those silver shoes too. It is such a win for me!

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