This Week’s Extras

On Wednesday, Princess Beatrix repeated a deep claret straw brimmed hat to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Noordbrabantse Christelijke Boerenbond in Gemert.

On Thursday, Princess Nobuko wore a red silk covered pillbox with side feather pompom trim for a Red Cross Convention in Oita City.

Queen Margrethe continued her state visit to Germany today with a visit to the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. For this, she repeated her blue plaid trilby.
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Yesterday, Zara Tindall wore a navy felt Justine Bradley-Hill designed trilby with leather flower and cut feather trim (she has worn a very similar design before but this one was new). Today, she wore a cranberry wrapped bandeau headpiece by Camilla Rose Millinery. Both looks styled by Annie Miall.

During the month of November,  I’m turning the weekly “Caught My Eye” feature over to you! What millinery designs have caught your eyes over the past week?


Lovely new photos released for Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume’s 40th birthday.

Images from Getty Images and social media as indicated 

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. PRINCESS BEATRIX: I love the deep claret color (great name, HQ) but since I didn’t recall it before, I dug back to 2 years ago for a better photo – now I love it all the more! It wasn’t new then, either. I’ve come to appreciate the older repeats much more than the new hats.

    April 13, 2019
    Embed from Getty Images

    QUEEN MARGRETHE: She looks fantastic in the plaid trilby, but the entire plaid ensemble is too much for me.

    ZARA: She looks so sweet in her new navy trilby.

  2. Always a treat to see Beatrix, and the claret straw is lovely. How fun is the pompom on Nobuko’s pillbox! Worn with the white suit, it’s a nice nod to the honored organization as well as the Japanese flag.

    Guillaume looks like the happiest dad in the world!

  3. For sheer fantasy, I chose this Philip Treacy design.

    For something perfect for fall, I love the feathers on this chocolate fedora.

    And, for me, in my own personal fantasy of what I would want to wear, I chose this amazing purple Philip Treacy creation. I love the two purples that seem like they wouldn’t work together, but they do.

    • Fun choices, Gigi! The slightly irregular arrangement of the feathers on the fedora give it extra visual interest. Hope you get to wear your purple fantasy hat someday!

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