Remembrance Sunday

Members of the British royal family attended the annual Remembrance Day commemoration service at  The Cenotaph at Whitehall in London on Sunday. As in years past, the Prince of Wales, Princess Royal, Duke of Cambridge, Duke of Kent, Earl of Wessex and Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence all attended in military uniform.

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The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her back straw picture hat with upswept brim and oversized black ostrich feather wrapped around the crown.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: Nov 12, 2017; May 12, 2015Feb 4, 2015Nov 20, 2014Nov 9, 2014;  May 1, 2014Nov 11, 2012; Nov 12, 2011; Nov 9, 2008

Duchess of Cambridge wore a new hat in black rabbit fur felt described by its designers as a “stunning, lipped drop-brim and wide Petersham band.” She has previously worn the same hat design in navy.

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Designer: The Tiffany Drop Brim hat by Lock and Company. Coat by Alexander McQueen. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Countess of Wessex repeated a black felt button percher wrapped in a large looping bow of silk abaca.

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: June 15, 2015; March 26, 2015

Princess Alexandra repeated her black felt hat with domed crown with wide, ruched velvet hatband and bound brim.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: Apr 17, 2021; Nov 18, 2016; Nov 13, 2016Nov 8, 2015Nov 10, 2014; Nov 10, 2013; Mar 2, 20051996

The Duchess of Gloucester repeated the blocked black felt beret hat with side feather spray she debuted last week.

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Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: Nov 11, 2021 

Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth was not able to attend due to a back sprain. We wish her a complete recovery.

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12 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday

  1. My favorite hats are #1 the beret worn by the Duchess of Gloucester and #2 the Duchess of Cambridge’s hat. The others are fine but I wouldn’t wear them.

  2. Initially, I liked the DoCam’s hat but changed my mind when I looked at the 2018 appearance of the coat with a smaller hat (I’m not sure how to embed the link from Getty Images) where the proportions worked much better (more streamlined). With the DoCo, the hat definitely works for her and is nicely whimsical but I have a problem with the asymmetric neckline of her coat which, irritatingly obscures part of her choker. While the general proportions of the CoW’s look work, it doesn’t appear very polished and the coat itself falls in a rather shapeless fashion. The most pleasing for me was PssAlexander where the design & textures of the hat and coat provided a very elegant & interesting combination.

    All said with the caveat that we can only see them from the waist up!

  3. Oof. Catherine’s ensemble makes her look 20 years older than she is. There is no softness. Sophie looks like she was doing double-duty preparing to attend a cocktail party afterwards. Not a fan of either hat or either overall look. Camilla’s over-the-top signature look still works for her, and the soft glam of the hat is welcom. As is often the case, the crown of Alexandra’s hat is too large.

  4. I really enjoy seeing Camilla’s hat, I have a soft spot for such a statement. Sophie’s is a good workmanlike black hat for this type of occasion. I do like Catherine’s black hat, but I surprise myself by thinking that the hat and outfit somehow don’t complement each other very well. Looking at the picture of the Duchess in the navy blue version, I really prefer the overall look there; I think the extra touches of colour in these clothes, the red and white, detract from the overall effect that the hat could achieve. It’s interesting because the hat itself is really very simple and plain, and I’d have thought that it would go with almost anything, but somehow I just feel that it isn’t the best choice with this outfit.

  5. All of the uniformed Royals look perfectly appropriate and handsome for the solemn (somber?) occasion. The quartet of Royal hats on the balcony was outstanding. I know it’s a tricky balancing act when commenting on millinery/fashion ensembles during Remembrance ceremonies and funerals, but my top choice today goes to Alexandra’s beautiful 25 year old hat. I love seeing older gems from the past.

    Here in Minority Corner, I’ll mention my lack of appreciation for the giant ostrich feathers that adorn some Royal chapeaux. Even HM, who walks on the millinery waters, has several hats with these feathers that detract from the overall look, IMO. Maybe a dedicated post of just ostrich feathers on Royal hats would be fun, and help dissuade me from such crazy notions. If nothing else, think of the poor ostrich!

    HQ, I hope all is well for you. We’ve missed you this week. Jimbo.

    • Jimbo, if you start feeling sorry for the ostriches, you might as well stop looking at hats. Quality fur felts are made of rabbit’s hair. And the rabbits are not sheared, like sheep. They are eaten and their fur is a by product! (I recently learned that many of those rabbit skins come from Belgium. Maybe Belgians eat a lot of rabbit? Does anyone know?)

  6. I thought all of the royal ladies looked impeccable.
    Such a shame that HM did not make it, but pleased we have seen photos of her since, stood and looking well.
    I have to disagree with TrickyMum Im afraid – for me, the DoCambridge hat (whilst a lovely hat) did not seem a cohesive look with the military inspired coat, and I much preferred the previous outing with the smaller hat. Even if she wanted a different style I think she has much better hats in her collection, including her perchers.

    • Sirlancelot, the Queen looked very nice today, meeting with 62 year old General Sir Nick Carter, who will soon relinquish his role of Chief of Defence Staff. She wore the dress which was very well hidden under her new green ensemble back in early October, in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Can you imagine telling someone your mother’s age – still working at 95, of your retirement?)

      November 17, 2021: Windsor Palace
      October 2, 2021: Edinburgh, Scotland (sorry, no better photos found)
      Embed from Getty Images

  7. The Duchess of Gloucester was also present, looking from a balcony with the Duke and Admiral Laurence. She repeated her new black formed beret with feather cockade.

    I liked Kate’s outfit with this hat better than last time she wore it.

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