Dutch Queens At Award and Book Launch

Last Wednesday, Princess Beatrix attended the Jantje Beton award ceremony for most play-friendly city in Culemborg. For this event, where she presented a statue award that she had made, she repeated a beigey pink straw hat with a pyramid crown and triple rolled bumper brim.

Embed from Getty Images

The sheen and bias placement of the brim beautifully frame Beatrix’s face, softening the angular lines of the crown, while  metallic silver threads in the sinamay weave give the loveliest bit of sparkle. The pyramid crown shape is never going to be a favourite for me but the rest of this design works really well.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Nov 13, 2014; Sep 7, 2011

Also last Thursday, Queen Máxima visited Museum Beeld en Geluid to receive the first copy of the photo book “Stichting Haags Verhaal” by photographer Piet Gispen. She repeated her her midnight blue felt fedora with Petersham ribbon hatband tied in a side bow.

Embed from Getty Images

The extended brim on this design gives it a chic informality that seemed to suit this event and paired well with her grey ensemble.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Oct 5, 2017; Oct 3, 2016

Thought about these two hats last week?

Images from Getty as indicated  

4 thoughts on “Dutch Queens At Award and Book Launch

  1. I always like Pr. Beatrix’s hatpins and their placement. I’m not keen on the crown of this hat and I can never understand why she wears this style that makes her head look so large. The colour looks very nice.

    Maxima’s fedora is okay too it balances the voluminous skirt worn without a coat. Fedora’s will
    never be my favourite hat for formal occasions – I associate them with country events, racing or for going to church at Sandringham as Kate once wore one. It looked great then with the crisp and frosty morning walking to church.

  2. I like this pairing of the fedora on Máxima, it’s a slightly more casual outfit and so it goes; precious outings of this hat have been with a shiny dress which was a but of a juxtaposition that jarred for me.

    I’ve missed seeing Beatrix’s massive cake hats!

  3. Great to see Beatrix in one of her cake hats again. It’s such an iconic style for her. The placement of the hatpin was also lovely.

    Maxima in woolly jumper and hat also seemed slightly strange. I’m always pro hat-wearing, so my improvement would be a jacket over the jumper.

    Both these Queens always looks like they light up any event they attend.

  4. The fedora is never going to be my favourite hat for formal royal functions, as it just screams informality to me, but I agree, this is a good outing. However, I think the first photo in the last left-hand set reveals why Maxima can get away with just about anything – her personality, and apparent joie de vivre, is such that she always wears her ensembles, however, flamboyant – they don’t wear her.

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