British Royals Attend Christmas Day Services

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, Wessex family and Duke and Duchess of Gloucester attended this morning’s service at St. George’s Chapel. For this occasion, the Duchess of Cornwall wore a new hat. The deep turquoise felt beret is trimmed with diamond-trimmed peacock feathers anchored with a quartet of turquoise felt layered squares.

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The colour is fantastic on Camilla as is the feather trim, its sweeping scale giving the hat greater presence. Many of wished for more vibrant additions to her millinery wardrobe and while I welcome this one, I’m less certain about her turquoise and denim blue patchwork coat.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Countess of Wessex was also in a new hat. Her domed pillbox, in tan and chocolate cheetah printed felt, is simply trimmed with flat bow around the back.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the “Leopard Print Pillbox.” Loewe “Wool & Cashmere Double Breasted Coat.” 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Lady Louise Windsor wore a streamlined ivory felt beret hat paired with a blush silk flower in her hair.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the “Ivory Felt Beret.”
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Gloucester was also in a pale felt beret, this one trimmed with a classic French stem. The ecru blocked design has a lovely drape to the side with just the right amount of ‘slouch’ while still looking elegantly refined.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Over in Norfolk, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Christmas morning service at the church of St. Mary Magdalene. Kate wore a new deep chocolate felt fedora with wide brim. The hat is trimmed with a quadruple layered hatband of overlapping feathers and a small metal bird on the side. It’s such a chic hat for Kate; I particularly like the fantastic feather hatband, which gives such great texture and contrast.

Designer: Philip Treacy. It is OC814 from AW2020. BLAZÉ Milano “Anyway Checked Wool Blazer” 
Previously Worn: 

It’s lovely to see some hats on Christmas Day and five new ones, well that’s a wonderful surprise! Which designs stand out most to you?

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11 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Christmas Day Services

  1. I love Camilla’s hat, colour, shape and trimming. I really like her coat too, the colours are lovely and vibrant. I think the squares pull a little at the seams when in motion, but it’s beautifully smooth when at rest, so I’m not sure if anything could be done about that, maybe it’s just a feature of the fabric / design! Anyway, I think it’s a good coat for this occasion, when mainly she won’t be seen in too much close-up, and it reads well from a distance.

    I like Sophie’s hat much more than I would have expected, but I’m really puzzled by it being worn with a navy coat, as it isn’t a combination I’d ever contemplate when I think how much better it would be with black / beige / brown / caramel colour etc. Louise’s beret looks fine as far as one can see!

    The Duchess of Gloucester’s beret also looks fine, but it is so like many of her other hats that it might as well not be new…

    Kate’s fedora is excellent as fedoras go, and this is a good occasion for it – private but expected to be photographed.

  2. Everyone looks wonderful… nice to see, and a bit of a surprise considering there was no appearance by HM.
    Always nice if we’d had more/better views, especially of Lady Louise and Duchess of Cambridge, but from what can be gleaned, they are lovely hats. Birgitte looks particularly nice, and while Camilla’s coat is a bit perplexing, and doesn’t really read well from certain angles, it certainly plays off the hat, and as Jake says, always nice to see her be a bit more daring!

    Hope all the hatters here had a lovely Christmas — and here’s to more hats and less crazy covid factors in the coming year!!

  3. Very happy we got to see a few hats! And they’re winners, Camilla’s is a lovely shape and colour and with great detailing. I don’t have too strong a reaction to the coat, but I’m not sure it’s doing her any favours; but fab colours nonetheless.
    Sophie is elegant as ever, and another addition to our roster of animal print hats. Louise looks lovely from what I can see, shame we couldn’t see more.
    Brigitte is in her standard well turned out if not massively exciting style, and Kate is also well within her wheelhouse for low key country events in a fedora, which is nice but not as great as her blue one from a couple of years back.
    Let’s hope we’re able to see a proper hat outing from them all for Christmas 2022!

  4. Wow, all five new hats are winners! Camilla’s is my favorite. What a punchy color for midwinter! We don’t usually see peacock feathers trimmed — small wonder when they are so spectacular untouched — but the diamonds are so lively. Too bad about the coat.

    I was so sure Sophie’s hat was this one, but I guess that was cheetah and this is leopard. This is very pretty on her, but it doesn’t really connect to the navy coat.

    Wish we had better views of Kate’s and Louise’s as they both look sharp.

    I agree with Shanon that Brigitte has the best overall look. The beret’s casual elegance goes well with the coat. Love the color pop of the scarf! I’m sympathizing with the Duke with his fogged-up glasses. That’s a persistent problem with masks, no matter what I do!

  5. After hearing HM was staying at Windsor with no public appearance, I didn’t figure we would get any hats for Christmas this year, so this was a wonderful surprise!

    I always love a giant brim on Camilla, but she can definitely rock these berets, and this one is my favorite yet! The petrol color is stunning on her and the peacock feather trim is absolutely exquisite. The checkered coat isn’t my first choice, but it’s a striking difference from what we usually see on Camilla and I applaud her branching out more; brava!

    Sophie’s hat was the first one I saw thanks to Jane Taylor’s Instagram; I like how she wore it compared to the model for something different with this oversized pillbox. I do wish we saw more of the bow detail on this one, and more of Lady Louise’s hat, but from what I can see the ivory felt beret looks to be a winner.

    Nice to see a more structured/shaped beret on Birgitte. The stone color is nice, although I do think it washes her out a bit, but luckily the scarlet scarf saved the day.

    Finally, I’m not big on brown in general, but from what we can see Kate looked quite sophisticated and this fedora hit the right note for a more low-key country Christmas service. The feather hatband is impeccable.

    I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the holiday season. Did anyone get a hat as a gift and/or wear one for the holiday? I wore my burgundy fur felt fedora yesterday as a nod to the day (although I’ve had this hat for a few years already).

  6. A good set of hats here. Thanks for the link to Kate’s hat for a better view. I like the fedoras she wears, and this is no exception.
    Camilla’s for best hat, I particularly like the layered squares. Not so fond of the Pied Piper effect of the coat, though it’s certainly festive.
    Birgitte Gloucester is her usual elegant self.

  7. Although he’s not wearing a hat, Prince Charles looks very dapper. I like how he coordinated his tie to his wife’s ensemble.
    Camilla’s hat is my favorite. The color and style is fabulous.
    I love Sophie’s hat. It looks great on her and pairs well with her coat.
    Nice to see Lady Louise in a hat. I wish there were closeups. I’m excited to see her in hats in the future.
    I think the Duchess of Gloucester had the best overall look. The hat is great and looks effortless with her fabulous coat. The pop of color from the scarf is perfect.
    I really would love to have seen a view of Catherine’s full ensemble. Her coat looks like a lovely brown plaid and the hat style looks incredible on her.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

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