Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Day Hats Part 2

Last week we looked at all of the hats Queen Elizabeth wore on Christmas Day in the 20th century. Today, we focus on the “Chapeaux de Noel” she has worn over the past two decades:

Embed from Getty Images
2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004

Embed from Getty Images
2005; 2006 in Rachel Trevor Morgan; 2007 in Angela Kelly; 2008 in Rachel Trevor Morgan; 2009 in Angela Kelly

2010 and 2011 in Angela Kelly (made by Stella Mclaren); 2012 in Rachel Trevor Morgan

20132014 in Rachel Trevor Morgan; 2015 in Angela Kelly (made by Stella Mclaren)

2017; 2018 and 2019 in Angela Kelly (made by Stella Mclaren)

There are a few surprises here- it has now been 20 years since we saw Her Majesty chose a green hat for Christmas Day and the past two decades have seen more fur than the two before. There are many more neutral hued hats in this group than in the hats worn last century and, aside from the fur designs in 2010 and 2013, all the hats since 2000 have had brims. Looking back, I admire the unexpectedly vibrant orchid purple design with red feathers in 2014 and turquoise blue with lovely velvet flowers in 2012, both by Rachel Trevor Morgan, along with the snow queen fur pillbox in 2010.

Sadly, it was announced this week that we won’t see the Queen publicly on Christmas Day this year (not surprising considering the surge of COVID cases in Great Britain) so we’ll have to make due with pondering past Christmas hats this year. Which one of these designs stand out most to you?

7 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Day Hats Part 2

  1. My favorite has to be the 2018 Orange. The hat is beautiful and the color quite unexpected on HM, especially at Christmas.
    2004 mulberry is lovely and the style of the blush 2005 is remarkable. I can’t forget how striking she looks in the 2010 and 2013 furs.

    Merry Christmas Hat Queen and to all your lovely readers. May 2022 be a blessed year for all of us.

  2. So many beauties on display here! I especially like the 2006 mulberry (despite the busy trim on the coat), the cheerful 2012 turquoise, and the 2014 purple with those unexpected red feathers. In general, I think tans don’t suit HM as well as vibrant colors

    And I share in the admiration for the “shoulda been” 2021 red RTM Christmas hat! Maybe next year…

  3. HQ, you out-did yourself with this fun post! Thanks for the early Christmas gift.
    My favorite Yuletide hat is 2008, because of the color scheme and the whimsical feathers. HM wore this ensemble 10 years later in December of 2018, so perhaps it is one of her favorites also.
    My least favorite hat is 2018, again, because of the color scheme and the feather! Recall the improved look in October of 2019 for its 2nd outing, when a bright flower was added to the affair – but unfortunately the ostrich never reclaimed his feather!
    I agree, the beautiful RTM hat which debuted in May(!) is fantastic – much nicer than the 2019 Christmas hat. As I recall, we speculated in May that it could have been the 2020 hat that never happened.
    With the exception of 2018, I’d love to see any of these repeated, especially the ones relegated to the closet’s rear.

  4. Given her usual jewel tones, the 2005 blush ensemble is surprisingly good. And the fur ones delight me unduly. In the 2013 fur pouf she looks very much like Queen Mary!

  5. There are some just wonderful looks here. I really adore that elegant burgundy with the binding on the coat from 2004, and 2005’s is an unexpected neutral but so luxurious. The fur hats are just so festive and beautiful (whatever your issues about fur), and the orchid silk is a stunning and very vibrant look. Other than the unexpected grey with fuchsia from 2018, there aren’t any I’m not keen on.

    She obviously saves a very special hat for Christmas, and I can’t help thinking the lovely red hat she wore earlier in the year and was on her Christmas card this year was meant for a festive outing too. Embed from Getty Images

    • This Rachel Trevor Morgan design is a beauty, especially in combination with this velvet collared coat. It was my guess for Christmas Day this year… but we’ll have to wait until 2022.

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