Danish Golden Jubilee

50 years ago today, Queen Margrethe II ascended the Danish throne following the death of her father, King Frederik IX.  While the current state of the pandemic forced the postponement of larger scale events celebrating this Golden Jubilee, Queen Margrethe was joined by her family today first for a visit the tomb of her father at Roskilde Cathedral followed by scaled-down celebration at Danish Parliament.

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To visit Roskilde Cathedral, Queen Margrethe repeated her grey fur bumper hat and matching coat.

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Controversy about fur aside, this design is a practical choice for an outdoor winter event. I just wish she had closed her coat to show off the striking diagonal stripes and give a sleeker overall look.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Feb 8, 2019

For the visit to Danish Parliament which followed, the Danish queen switched hats, donning the brimmed blue hat with striped feather trim which we first saw her wear last November. It was an unsurprising change for the indoor event, pairing Margrethe’s lovely blue suit with its matching hat. It’s a beautifully designed and finished piece, the feathers giving some welcome colour and textural contrast to the all-blue ensemble.

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Designer: Mathilde Førster (who deservingly received a Golden Jubilee “Medal of Remembrance” today!)
Previously Worn: Nov 10, 2021

Crown Princess Mary Mary repeated her ecru felt pillbox hat exquisitely trimmed in lace applique on one side.

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The pillbox adds subtle contrast to an overall look that is elegantly restrained- some might frown at the neutral ensemble but it feels so well suited for an event where another family member is clearly the star.

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: Mar 28, 2017

Princess Marie wore a new black straw beret percher trimmed with round disc flowers. Here’s an occasion where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, the hat pairing beautifully with Marie’s black and white floral dress, black accessories and mint coat.

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Designer: Mademoiselle Chapeaux Paris. It is the “Fleur” design. 
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Princess Benedikte topped her magenta suit and purple cape in a new hat combining these two hues. The design features a magenta domed crown, purple bumper brim and a trio of twists in different saturated shades of pink on the side. Benedikte wears these berry shades so well and this piece is a fun addition to her wardrobe.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: this hat is new

It’s lovely to see this milestone publicly marked today, especially with the debut of several new hats! What do you think about the hats in Copenhagen for Queen Margrethe’s Golden Jubilee today?

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13 thoughts on “Danish Golden Jubilee

  1. Mary looks matronly and is wearing all blergh colors — not a good look for her. Marie usually bores me, but I agree completely that the sum is greater than the parts. The hat is a bit hard to see but an interesting shape. I don’t mind that it is straw. QM’s hat looks like it was made from a seal.

    As usual, Benedikte is the most glamorous. The pink is a shout-out to her mother, who always dressed her three daughters in identical outfits, but with varying colors–Margrethe in blue, Benedikte in pink, and Anne-Marie in yellow.

  2. The Danish Royal ladies all look charming. Queen Margrethe’s wedgewood blue hat pairs well with her elegant suit. Perhaps the outfits of the two younger Royal ladies would have looked more cohesive worn with boots. I certainly agree straw is a strange choice for January.

  3. I like both hats on Margrethe and think both paired well with the fur coat, but I wish the fur hat’s seam wasn’t right in the middle of her forehead.

    The lace appliqué is the perfect touch on Mary’s pillbox, although I’m not thrilled with the outfit when the cape comes off. The base of Marie’s cocktail hat is a good shape for her, but the trim is not flattering at all; it’s also bizarre to see her wearing a straw hat while everyone (including the men) are bundled up.

    Benedikte is always reliable to bring some color and sophistication. I do wish the hat had been a solid color pillbox with contrast trim instead of the magenta domed crown, but that’s a small complaint. Her emotion during the wreath laying at their father’s grave was evident, but she still looked wonderful. As there are 3 wreaths in front, I assume one is on behalf of Anne-Marie, who clearly could not be in attendance.

    A subdued celebration, but still some great hats being worn.

  4. I like Margarethe’s second hat very much – I like her in brimmed hats and with brims that have some substance. I’m not keen on her hats with brims that are so small they always remind me of Joan Hickson playing Ms Marple in the BBC TV series.

    Mary’s hat and outfit didn’t strike a chord with me and why was she carrying such a large bag? Shame Marie’s hat was lost in her hair but she curtsies beautifully – very low and with a wonderfully straight back. Benedikte’s hat is just ok.

  5. I’ve had this question for a while, and today’s post brought it back to mind with Princess Mary in felt and Princess Marie in straw. Fur aside, is there such a thing as ‘seasonal’ hat material? My first instinct is that felt is for fall/winter and straw for spring/summer but that’s clearly not true here. Maybe my instincts are coming from casual summer straw hats?

    • Princess Marie’s hat is the “Fleur” design from Mademoiselle Chapeaux Paris.

      As for seasonal hat materials- we often see felt during the autumn and winter but not exclusively so. Even the Queen wears straw hats in December! The textural weave of Princess Marie’s hat and its dark hue does not feel summery at all and for someone, like Marie, who wears few hats, it makes sense to me that she’ll choose a material that can be worn year round.

    • Erin, could the hat material have anything to do with the location of the event? Indoor events – lighter weight hats, and outdoor events – heavier weight hats? Just a theory. As always, exceptions to this line of thinking will crop up. We have often seen HM wearing wool/felt/tweed in August, upon arrival to Balmoral.
      PS on another topic, will February 6th (someone’s 70th Royal anniversary) bring some new British millinery? I hope so.

      • Jimbo, I think you’re right and that event location makes a difference for hat material. Perhaps also color. Black straw reads very differently than pastel straw.

  6. How lovely they all look. QM looks so regal whatever the hat she’s wearing, though a new hat would have been lovely. And this day does underscore that though it may be a jubilee, it’s marking the loss of a loved Father.

    Mary looks so so regal; neutrals yet so glam; this is a wonderfully put together look. Benedikte is also rocking a cape, and I love that whiff of fuchsia sleeve to lift it (there’s a phrase that’s not been used before!)
    I’m a bit perplexed by Marie’s hat, I can’t work it out, it looks a bit squashed on her head, so the only miss of the day for me.
    And the dinner pic is all sorts of adorable!

  7. Queen Margrethe’s Wedgwood hat is perfection! Balance, size, shape, trim, and color are spot on. Benedikte’s new hat is soooo regal, with the color combination and shape being well suited to her. Crown Princess Mary’s cream pillbox is saved by its added applique, but Princess Marie’s black hat is unfortunately lost in her dark hair.

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