Inventory: Queen Silvia’s Dark Pink & Burgundy Hats

It seems only natural today to look at pink hats so we are doing just this, diving into Queen Silvia’s closet. At the turn of this century, she had both a burgundy and a deep pink hat in rotation:


Since 2000, she has added an additional five deep pink designs:

1.  2.  3.
Designer: unknown; Philip Treacy; Philip Treacy made by Sandrine Bourg
Introduced: June 18, 2002; March 27, 2007; August 21, 2010

4.Embed from Getty Images  5.
Designer: Philip Treacy; Kerstin Carlefalk
Introduced: April 16, 2015; May 22, 2019

For hats of such a similar hue, there’s considerable diversity of shape and scale. Which designs here stand out most to you?

Images from Getty as indicated; Reuter Raymond/Sygma, Gianni Ferrari/Cover, Sion Touhig, Chris Jackson, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press, and Paul Faith/AFP via Getty

5 thoughts on “Inventory: Queen Silvia’s Dark Pink & Burgundy Hats

  1. Queen Silvia suits this deep pink shade so well. I love the varying styles here. My favourite is No.1 in the post 2000 collection.

  2. This colour suits her a lot. They’re all good actually (though I do want to play with the angle on number 5). I particularly love the pyramid with the giant knitting needles and the larger fascinating, they have just the right amount of drama. Silvia has always known just how to bring it, ever since she first entered the royal fold.

  3. She looks incredible in this color, so I can see why she has so many hats in that shade.
    I love #2 pre-2000. And after 2000 the final one, #5, looks great on her, but all of them are lovely.

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