Milliner Profile: Otto Lucas

The Museum of London shared this brilliant profile of Otto Lucas, a milliner who rose to prominence during the 1930s. It’s well worth a watch.


5 thoughts on “Milliner Profile: Otto Lucas

  1. Many thanks, HatQueen. This is a wonderful and wonderfully informative clip. So many details that are so revealing about the person and the times. The wings on that first coral hat are scintillating. As you occasionally say about eh tilt of a hat, swoon!

  2. Great video! We occasionally see short videos of milliners crafting their designs one at a time, so it’s fascinating to see an atelier in action. I agree with Jake that the three hats could be worn today.

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing this fantastic video HatQueen! I’ve never heard of Otto Lucas before sadly, but grateful to learn about him today. Those 3 hats they showed definitely would not look out of place among today’s millinery designs.

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