Hats From the Past

Royal Hats 41 years to March 3, 1980 when Queen Sofia and Queen Beatrix wore the utmost of contrasting winter hats! That veiled ecru headband is a memorable one.

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6 thoughts on “Hats From the Past

  1. Love Sofia’s piece of frothiness – white suits her rather than her usual choice of dull, muted colours which aren’t a good choice for her colouring. Didn’t Diana wear something similar with slightly less netting? Was it in black?

    As for Beatrix I’ve never been able to understand her choice of hats especially in later years.

    What did surprise me is that Sofia is taller than Beatrix. Looking at their feet and ankles Beatrix is wearing higher heels. I’ve always thought of Beatrix as pretty tall, especially as the Dutch are said to be the tallest nationality.

  2. I actually think Sofia’s wearing a circlet/donut hat and not a bandeau headband due to the angle and wideness of the shape on her head. With the tulle it feels a bit bridal, but I love the idea of this hat and declare it a winner for mostly hatless Sofia. Jack’s great description of “disco Dr. Zhivago” is also great!

    A slightly higher and more bulbous take on Beatrix’s classic cake hats, but still a good one for her and the simple coat helps make for a streamlined look overall.

  3. Wow. Sofia’s outfit is sort of disco Dr. Zhivago. There’s nothing warm about a headband and and explosion of netting. Bea’s hat is a great shape on her, but sort of lost with the dark background and dreary outfit.

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