Cheltenham Festival 2022 Day 3

The third day of racing at the Cheltenham Festival saw a return to sunny skies along with handsome pair of royal hats. Princess Anne repeated her warm brown felt trilby with extended brim trimmed with a slim darker brown hatband and spray of feathers on the side.

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It’s a great neutral hat for the Princess Royal and the scale of this design suits her well. What stands out today is the styling of the rest her her ensemble. The combination of saturated orange coat and patterned dress is an unexpectedly bold one that really does call for a neutral hat, although the different shades of brown on gloves, purse and hat and those black boots puts the overall look out of balance for me.

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: Mar 11, 2020; Sep 1, 2019

Talking about balance, Zara Tindall’s stylist hit it just right today with the choice of this pale turquoise described by the designer as a peachbloom felt percher hat adorned with cut feathers, bow detail and felt cut outs.

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The combination of deep teal coat with the turquoise hat is unexpected but so brilliant, the pale hat lifting the overall look and elevating its sophistication. Yes, it’s Zara’s go-to hat shape – we’ve seen her wear other very similar designs from Juliette Botterill – but somehow this still feels new and fresh.  It’s certainly an argument for the value of a stylist.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Juliette Botterill “Feather Bow Percher.” Coat by Claire Mischevani. Styled by Annie Miall. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new. 

Thoughts about these hats today at the Cheltenham Festival?

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8 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2022 Day 3

  1. Yes, the orange coat and more colorful outfit really help liven up this hat for Anne, although I agree the black boots throw some chaos into the earth-tones color scheme.

    The colors chosen for Zara’s ensemble demonstrate an artistic eye and I love how unexpected it is, especially for St. Patrick’s Day. What I would call ice blue hat jives so well with the teal outfit and offers a fresh take on her Cheltenham uniform.

    Disappointed Mike went sans hat when his 3-piece suit is just begging for one!

    • Oops, forgot to include some non-royal favorite hats of the day:
      Embed from Getty Images

  2. Princess Ann has a refreshing attitude when it comes to dressing. the colour of Zara’s hat is lovely even though it is similar in design to many of her other hats.

  3. Love this combo on Zara – it’s solidly within her wheelhouse for this event, but the colours make it really fresh and zingy. She looks fab.

    Anne looks bright and cheery, and I know the outfit’s a bit cobbled together but she looks just right for a day at the races!

    • JamesB, I’m with you 50% today.

      Zara: I think her combination today says spring hat with a winter coat. To me, this ensemble is more “cobbled” (I LOVE that term!) unless there is some other element present, tying the two together.

      Anne: I agree with you all the way on this judgment – her hat is perfect for a crisp cool day at the races. Her coat dates back to at least 2011 in Liverpool, and since she was sans hat that day, I thought it would fun to share her coiffure instead.

      April 7, 2011: Liverpool, England
      Embed from Getty Images

      • Rare dissent amongst the James’ there! Glad we agree on black watch tartan at least…
        I do know what you mean about Zara’s colours, that was my first instinct, but then I decided to like it!

  4. Just an absolutely stunning hat! The color is gorgeous and the subtle nuances in the design make this one of my ultimate favorite hats on Zara. I love the sculpted swoop/brim (not sure what to call it) over her left eye.

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