Dutch Welcome Indian State Visit

The Dutch king and queen welcomed President Ram Nath Kovind of India and his wife, Savita Kovind, to the royal palace in Amsterdam yesterday for the start of a 3-day state visit. Queen Máxima repeated her grey fur felt oversize fedora, with tall crown and a wide, downward facing brim simply trimmed with a wide grey Petersham ribbon hatband.

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It’s a subdued ensemble for Queen Máxima, who must have known (or predicted?) that Savita Kovind would wear a vibrant sari. Perhaps this was a deliberate choice?

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the “Rossini” design
Previously Worn: Mar 15, 2018

What do you think about this hat on this, its second outing?

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17 thoughts on “Dutch Welcome Indian State Visit

  1. I agree with others this look felt off for the occasion; it was a lot of this dove grey (even though I do love grey) and the simple coat and restrained jewelry made things feel casual for a state visit. While I do like this fedora, how glorious would it have been if there had been a slice hat in the same shade of purple as her dress? Also, I noticed this time that while Máxima has worn this hat with the brim straight on, it actually looks to have been designed/shaped with the brim already at a tilt, which means the crown then feels off on her head and therefore lends to the casual feel of the ensemble.

  2. There was a recent article in the Vanitatis Royal Family section of the Spanish digital newspaper El Confidencial stating that QM had decided to dress down more as a response to adverse press comment highlighting that she had spent €49,000 on new clothes in 2020.

    I don’t know whether that’s true or not but she’s certainly dressed down here: I dislike the shape of this fedora (too “Munchkin”-like) and agree with everyone else that the overall look is not only too informal but also rather sad.

    • Now I need to go and see what all the royal ladies are reputed to have spent in 2020 when most engagements were via Zoom.

      • I imagine all they needed for Zoom was a lot of blouses and maybe some blazers! There were some funny photos online that year of male newscasters wearing jacket and tie up top, and shorts and sandals below!

  3. I’m afraid I have to join the no camp on this one. I usually love fedoras but this one along with the loose fitting coat just doesn’t seem right to me. Definitely not Queen Maxima at her most elegant.

  4. Though I have no particular dislike of fedoras in general, I think I have to agree with Lesleyc19 on this one — whether the looseness of Máxima’s coat is intentional styling or because it’s not well-fitted, the loose partially open coat topped by a fedora is so casual that any of us might see such an outfit at our local mall. Even assuming that the neutral grey color was chosen so as not to overshadow Madame Kovind’s sari, a more formal ensemble might have been more appropriate, even in a neutral color.

    • Matthew, apart from not wearing a hat when shopping today my coat was blowing in the breeze

      I thought I’d spotted a rather nice fedora at a formal occasion today, but I think it was just a very smart hat with a cheeky brim and I think it has a rounded crown – if anyone is able to look at it and tell me whether it is a fedora I’d be grateful. There’s a two part BBC documentary screening at the moment about the relationship between Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Pres. Reagan was giving a speech to both Houses of Parliament in 1982 and Mrs Reagan is seated next to Margaret Thatcher and also pictured wearing it at 10 Downing Street. I think Mrs Reagan wore a similar hat when she met the Queen at Windsor during the same visit. Mrs Reagan wears a hat beautifully.

      Have tried to enclose pictures but I cannot get it to work.

      • Lesley, I attempted to view that documentary online, but I get a message that it’s only available to viewers in the UK. If you happen to know the date of the speech in question, I will attempt to find still photos.

        • Yes, this is the one. The shot on the TV at first looked like a fedora but I realised the crown was rounded. It’s a very attractive hat – the entire outfit was so elegant. Mrs Reagan had some very attractive hats.

    • It’s so interesting how we see things differently! A handmade blocked hat in fur felt doesn’t read “informal” to me! But I see where you’re coming from. Maybe a different coat would have transformed this ensemble?

      • For me the only place for a fedora is the racecourse, maybe a church service in the country, but to wear one to meet a Head of State is far too casual. I don’t think it’s a great fit and grey isn’t a good colour on her, along with the tans and mustards she loves.

      • I think this is where visual training and expertise comes in. A royal lady would certainly wear a handmade blocked hat, while an ordinary lady might wear a mass-produced one bought in a department store, but I’m not sure I as a non-expert could tell the difference just by looking at full-length photos such as the ones in this post. I might assume that the royal hat would be of much better quality, but I would not necessarily be able to tell the difference in a photo. My negative judgement was made totally based on the overall look.

        And yes, I agree that a different coat would have made all the difference.

  5. I really don’t like this hat and outfit. I have a huge dislike for fedoras worn for formal engagements. The unbuttoned or partially unbuttoned coat looks far too casual when greeting a head of state.

  6. Great repeat. I have become very fond of fedoras in their recent appearances on our royals, and I love the styling of this with the purple frock and large girandole earrings.

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