Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 56


On July 6, 1959, Queen Elizabeth topped a summery frock with a brimmed hat made of the same white and green patterned lace on a visit to Chicago.

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7 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 56

  1. I love the shape, a really flattering wide brim, though the top has a slight look of having been sat on.
    I was thinking she looked a bit tired in a couple of the pics, but then worked out she would have been about 2 months pregnant then, but of course nobody would have known! So a long day in the heat would have probably been really hard work – especially with an emergency filling!

  2. Such a pretty hat and dress. I love the shape of this hat. The Chicago crowds must have loved the Queen and Duke.

  3. HQ, thanks for adding the great close-up shot – – -if only it was in color. I’m bound and determined to find another outing of this beauty in color, but so far, no such luck. I find it amazing how many of HM’s ensembles are only photographed once; an endless supply of beautiful clothing.

    • I can’t help but wonder — wouldn’t there be any ladies magazines or society sections of newspapers from that time that might exist now online that would have included descriptions of HM’s outfits, info about the designers, etc? Even back then, people must have been dying to know what color something was, what type of fabric, who created it.

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