Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 33


On March 9, 1983 while on a visit to Canada, Queen Elizabeth wore this charming woven natural straw boater with midnight blue velvet ribbon tied in a front bow.

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10 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 33

  1. I really like the Edwardian vibe of this one, although I’d vote for the bow in the back.

    Matthew makes a very interesting point about the change in HM’s hair color affecting the colors she wears well.

  2. Ah, the ol’ picnic basket hat, only photographically documented once that we know of, for this trip to Vancouver. JamesB and Matthew, sorry to disappoint you. However, this unique hat was highlighted almost 2 years ago, and you’ll see that the coat and dress were paired differently, but without much more success.

    Unlike most readers here today, I don’t care this hat for 2 reasons:
    1. It seems too coarse and stiff (uncomfortable to wear) with a severity about it, which reminds me of . . . .
    2. Not the exact shape, but certainly out of the closet of Miss Gulch – front bow and basket included!

    • Oh my goodness, Miss Gulch indeed! Although, responding to lesleyc19, if you google “Edwardian boater hats”, you will come up with screens of hats that look exactly like this one, both recreations and actual antiques.

  3. Looking at this hat again it reminds me of the film “Picnic at Hanging Rock” – they had boaters if I remember rightly but there’s a very Edwardian feel about this hat.

  4. This hat is lovely and wonderfully different. In one photo she is not wearing her coat. Her dress appears to have interesting sleeves. I’d love to see what the dress looks like. Everything about her ensemble is divine. It’s all classic, clean lines, which is timeless.

  5. Lovely hat, and unusual for HM to wear a natural straw hat, but it works. I agree the brim could have had another inch, but most hats then did have smaller brims than were now used to. I wonder if it was paired with another coat, as it would have been very versatile and would go well with a stronger colour.

    • If it was, you can be sure that Jimbo will find us a photo!

      I agree with Catherine D that I’m not sure about the bow being in the front — it almost seems like it was put there just to be different, not necessarily because it looks better there, but then again, maybe it just looks odd to our eyes just because bows are mostly in the back nowadays. (I’m guessing that we will now have a group of replies, or perhaps even a whole post, featuring royal hats with the bows in the front!)

      This hat particularly made me think about how the changing color of HM’s hair over the years also affected what color combos looked best on her hats. For example, dark hair, dark bow, with a natural straw hat between looks fantastic, but I don’t think this hat would look good on her now with her silver hair.

  6. A very different hat and look for Queen Elizabeth. Half of me wants the velvet bow to be on the back. But half not.

    The pale lemon and cream check of the coat and dress is subtle enough to let the straw boater stand out. The navy accessories, the pearls and the stunning Australian Wattle Brooch all play their part. Gorgeous.

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