Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 31


Queen Elizabeth wore this gold and blue patterned fabric covered bumper hat on March 29, 1985 while on a state visit to Portugal.

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14 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 31

  1. According to today’s research, HM wore the same coat with a different, side-bowed hat, less than a WEEK later, while visiting Harrogate. This hat is the exact color as the blue coat, since the combination was found on Pinterest also, but there it was simply labeled “Windsor 1985.” I dared not post it, though. ‘Tis a puzzlement.

    April 4, 1985: Harrogate, England

    • Here’s a thought, though we’ll never be able to verify it. If you look at the second of the original photos in this post, you can just barely catch a glimpse of the dress beneath the coat, which does appear to match the hat. Late March is an iffy time of the year. Perhaps it had been intended to wear the dress rather than a coat, which was put on as an afterthought because it was chilly, but the coat with its solid color hat had already been planned for that Harrogate event, which was why it was at the ready. I think in 1985, we were not yet at the time where HM always wore a coat.

  2. There is also a wee bow, lurking at the back of this hat. It seems to be navy. I’m hoping it linked to a bigger block of navy on the accompanying dress – otherwise a great deal of a quite busy pattern.

    The jaunty angle is good – but I cannot love the way this cuts across HM’s forehead.

  3. I’m very struck by the fact that so many hats you’ve been featuring recently in this countdown, HatQueen, are brimless – tams, turbans, bumpers, pillboxes, caps etc. This is a contrast to the last twenty years or so, when hats without brims have been a real rarity in the Queen’s repertoire. Clearly there’s an element of fashion trends, and I’m wondering if that ‘s the main reason, or if there are other factor at play – the personal preferences of the Queen or her sartorial advisors, or thinking that brimmed styles suit her years more? Not that we’re likely to know for sure, but interesting to speculate!

    • I think it’s when Angela Kelly became first her dresser and then her designer. The hats started to become brimmed about the time of the millennium, and over time that became the preferred shape. Which is a good thing I think, as they are really flattering, and she’s repeated her Mother’s (and Grandmother’s) habit in old age of an indentifiable, iconic look.

      • Yes, I agree the Queen has settled on a really identifiable look which serves her very well, and may be something she learned from her mother – or, as you suggest, that Angela Kelly has suggested and created for her, quite likely with reference to the Queen Mother as well. Perhaps, as hat lovers, we’re lucky that even though the Queen’s hats bear a certain similarity to each other (the fact that they’re virtually all brimmed, for example), yet there’s still a bit more variation than I remember with the Queen Mother’s hats!

  4. A very nice little hat. But to my eyes, the expanse of fabric in this looser-fitting coat needs a more substantial hat. It just seems disproportionate somehow.

  5. The outfit is off to me. Think it ages the Queen. The coat is a definite pass..seems stiff and reduces comfort when walking and climbing stairs. Like another poster said the light might change the shades of colour in the hat.

    • It is interesting the way photo lighting can entirely change perception. In the Argyll photo, the colors look very bright and I like the hat. In the Portugal photos here, the colors appear much duller and I don’t. I suppose the only way to have known for sure would have been to have seen it in person.

      • Yes, lighting is so important! And especially if it’s a question of matching colours, sometimes one sees photos where hat and coat appear the same colour, and others under different lighting conditions on exactly the same occasion where the colour match seems to be off. I guess when the materials are different, that’s always going to be a hazard!

  6. I like a fabric covered patterned hat, but this one is a bit meh I’m afraid.
    On the trip she wore a stunning golden number with a brimmed hat – which I sadly can’t link to, but it was definitely the better look of the tour.

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