This Week’s Extras

On April 21, Crown Princess Kiko wore a white silk covered pillbox on a visit to Ise Jingu’s Geku and Naiku  for “Rikkoshi no Rei” rites. The next day, she wore a black silk covered pillbox to visit the mausoleums of Emperor Komei and Empress Eishō in Kyoto

Also on April 22, Princess Yoko of Mikasa attended the Spring Equinox Festival at Yasukuni Shrine in a white silk covered hat with very short brim.


 Crown Princess Mary in a casual fedora from Australian brand Canopy Bay while on a visit to Bangladesh this week

On Thursday, Queen Mathilde repeated her pale pink petal Fabienne Delvigne headpiece at the Ghent flower show
Embed from Getty Images
Princess Alexandra wore a smart felt hat with camel crown and black brim for a visit to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Stanford Hall in Nottinghamshire on Friday

Prince Daniel  conferred honorary doctorates degrees to graduates of the Karolinska Institutet yesterday at Stockholm City Hall.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week (see the comments for more):


Lovely to see Princess Charlene joining her family at the Monaco E-Prix yesterday

Images from social media as indicated 

18 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. A few more hats worn by Princess Kiko during the visit to Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture

    And to report the visit at the Imperial Palace upon their return to Tokyo on April 26

  2. Mary looks great in the casual fedora. She could try this style for her more formal hats.

    Always wonderful to see Alexandra, especially in such a sharp (new?) hat.

    Does anyone know anything about Daniel’s hat? I assume it’s something traditional for this event. Interesting use of pleating and buckle with a top hat.

    How fun to think of Ascot coming up soon, perhaps back to its full glory! Maybe we’ll see some of these designs.

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