Confirmation of Princess Isabella

On Saturday, Princess Isabella celebrated her confirmation at Fredensborg Castle Church. She wore a pair of silver leaf embellished combs in her hair by Ellen Hunter, worn previously by Crown Princess Mary.

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Queen Margrethe wore a new hat for the occasion, a beret covered in the same cobalt blue crepe as her jacket. The hat is trimmed with two tall black feathers and a bow in the printed fabric as the ensemble’s dress.

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The colour is wonderful on the Danish queen, who wears saturated and jewel tones so well. The patterned dress provides great contrast to the matching hat and jacket, saving the two pieces from looking one note. I’d love, however, to remove the patterned bow on the hat (that is a step too matchy matchy!) and replace it, with something in the colours of the ensemble. 

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Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Crown Princess Mary wore a natural woven straw bandeau with tan tulle birdcage veil.

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While my initial reaction to this headpiece was a yawn, I think the colour was a brilliant choice to pair with Mary’s vibrant pink dress and turquoise accessories. Say whatever you want about the shape, it’s a very current, popular style that is easy to wear and works well for a less formal event such as this.

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Designer: unconfirmed. Dress by Andrew Gn.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

Princess Marie repeated her pink sinamay fascinator with central bloom surrounded by a circle of pointed leaves. The slim feathers that originally trimmed this design have been entirely removed. Princess Marie has paired this headpiece with neutral outfits in past, something I think works a bit better for a working royal event. This, however, is a family event and whiile the coral suit here is not to my taste, it’s a light hearted, fun choice to celebrate her niece!

 Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown. Suit by Emporio Armani.
Previously Worn: Oct 4, 2016; March 18, 2014

Princess Athena wore a darling white headband trimmed with a silk flower and bow.

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Designer: Bonpoint
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new

Princess Isabella’s godmother, Queen Mathilde, was also in attendance. She repeated a royal blue draped toque hat.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Natan. 
Previously Worn: June 28, 2018; July 3, 2016;  May 20, 2015

It’s so lovely to see larger scale royal family events coming back- what do you think of the hats and headpieces at this event on Saturday?

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5 thoughts on “Confirmation of Princess Isabella

  1. QM has a very high forehead and this style tends to accentuate it. Mary’s outfit and fascinator look charming – I love the belt. Marie’s fascinator looks a little “old hat” but the trouser suit fits like a dream. Her children are always beautifully turned out. Can’t really see Mathilde’s outfits as the Twitter links don’t work as the message say the owner of that account limits people viewing it (happens every time there’s a link from that account).

    Isabella’s hair ornaments and the brooch look beautiful. The white suit is OK – it fitted like a dream on Mary but it’s really not a great fit on Isabella.

  2. Good to see the Danish Royal family celebrating such a lovely occasion. I like Queen Margrethe’s hat with it’s twin feathers and bow. It really suits her.

    Princess Marie’s coral trouser suit is fab as are Crown Princess Mary’s turquoise earrings and belt.

    The interior of the church is absolutely stunning.

  3. I love the colour of Margrethe’s hat and the hat itself is a good look for her, it avoids the appearance of baldness that sometimes can afflict her wearing hats. The feathers add a nice note of sharpness to the design, and I don’t myself mind the matching bow, it’s small enough that I feel it ties in without dominating (and I wonder if it might be switched out for something else in future to make it go with other outfits).

    I like Mathilde’s hat, there’s a nice movement to the swirl, although I think it would be improved by being just a bit bigger in scale, it has a slightly shrunk vibe about it!

    Agree, the photo of the Queen with her arms outstretched to Isabella is wonderful!

  4. They all look so happy, and there’s a shot of QM, arms flung open to greet her Granddaughter which is really wonderful. I love the Queen’s outfit, it’s very flattering on her. Mary looks fab too, I actually like a hatband used to secure a birdcage veil, and you’re right, this neutral allows the turquoise’s for sing. Marie’s fascinator now looks just a bit dated, but she looks nice enough.
    And how fab does Isabella look in her trouser suit, one of her Mum’s I love the recycling and her hair slides are appropriate and fun.

  5. Overall I really love this whole ensemble for Margrethe, but I agree the matching fabric bow at the base of the feathers is a bit too matchy for me (although more subtle than some of her other hats); my biggest issue, however, is with how far back it sits on her head, which is not the most flattering placement for her IMO. I wouldn’t have minded seeing her cerulean beret percher with the twist again (although it is a sibling to the watermelon one she wore to Christian’s confirmation last year, so I can appreciate going with variety for similar events).

    Yes, not the most exciting headpiece for Mary, but still a great look overall, especially with that ornate buckle! Interestingly this looks to be the third dress for her in a similar design and color (which, of course, made me wish for a repeat of this hat [] since we know it would pair perfectly with this outfit).

    Marie also looked great, but I would push her fascinator back off her face just a bit; I do like her pairing the fascinator with the trouser suit. Mathilde’s ensemble suited her well and fit perfectly with the event.

    Nice to see hats/headpieces on a few other guests, and shoutout to the royal men who, despite not wearing hats, wore fantastic suits. Low-key hats for a more low-key event, but I have to say sartorially this has been one of my favorite royal outings in a long time. Brava & bravo to all!

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