Norwegian National Day 2022

The Norwegian royal family celebrated the country’s national holiday yesterday, first at a children’s parade at Skaugum

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followed by the annual balcony appearance at the Royal Palace in Oslo. Queen Sonja wore a new red hat with short, curved brim and rounded bowler crown. The hat is trimmed with an interesting wrapped hatband in ombre dyed orange and dark pink.

Embed from Getty Images

King Herald and Crown Prince Haakon wore gleaming antique black silk top hats.

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Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore a new double layered circular headpiece in what looks like a textured tan fabric. The design looks to tie in a sort of bow around the back, at the nape of her neck.

Embed from Getty Images

Thoughts about the hats yesterday in Norway?

Images from Getty as indicated  

2 thoughts on “Norwegian National Day 2022

  1. I didn’t even realize MM had a hat on until you mention it, HQ. The color blends in with her hair so much. I wish she had worn a brighter color. I spy a black headband on Ingrid Alexandra, also. Sonja looks lovely in her new hat and I love the bright, happy colors!

  2. A nice versatile new hat for Sonja; she always looks great in these shades of bright red. No real surprise from Mette-Marit, but the particular color and texture of this headpiece makes it feel very Ace bandage wrap-like unfortunately.

    I do wonder if Haakon’s top hat may be made from satin instead of silk? The sheen feels brighter and smoother compared to Harald’s, which certainly is antique silk. I can’t say for certain either way concerning Haakon’s, but just a thought I had this time; perhaps ChicagoChuck or someone else with more knowledge can weigh in.

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