Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 15

I’ve picked a personal favourite today but one that stands out in the Queen’s history of hats for it’s unexpected but quietly striking colour scheme in palest aqua and peach. She wore to unveil a monument to the Women of World War II on July 9, 2005, for the  April 23, 2006 service of thanksgiving marking her 80th birthday, and to open the National Welsh Assembly on June 5, 2007.

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5 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 15

  1. I would like to add my admiration for this hat! I think the peach underlining is just fabulous and gives such a nice glow to HM’s face! I love surprising color contrasts and this is a surprisingly good contrast!

  2. The brim looks a little too wide to my eye, but it is a dreamy color combination, and the flower set off by the feathers makes a stunning trim!

  3. This ensemble is all kinds of fantastic! Like Catherine D, I can’t come up with enough positive adjectives today. HQ, hang in there 14 more days!

    July 11, 2007: HM “Inspecting” the Yeomen of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. I think she’s inspecting their hats.
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. You’re not wrong. This hat is just so chic, she looked fabulous. It was also an amazing match for the Aquamarine clips. She went through a really strong patch around this time; I know people have issues with some of Ms Kelly’s own designs, but she really moved HM’s wardrobe on so much, to create the iconic look we have now.

  5. I don’t have enough superlatives for this hat. It’s one of my all time favourites for The Queen.

    The colour combination is beautiful. The lightness of the peach brim against the aqua silk crown and trim is gorgeous teaming perfectly with the silk coat.

    Three stunning brooches also including the amazing Cullinan V.

    Thank you Hat Queen.

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