Finnish State Visit To Sweden

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia welcomed Finland’s president Sauli Niinisto and his wife Jenni Haukio Tuesday for a short state visit.

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Queen Silvia repeated her royal blue straw hat with rounded crown and gently upswept brim. The hat is and is trimmed with a pleated blue silk hatband and a side spray of blue silk flowers.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Jun 4, 2018; June 6, 2016  

Jenni Haukio wore the most wonderful butterfly printed dress and coat with an ecru fascinator of trimmed feathers and sinamay bow loops.

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Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia joined in for official photos, both in white headpieces. Victoria wore another (new I think?) ringed headpiece with large flower spray around the back of one side while Sofia wore a wide bandeau.

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Thoughts about this group of hats in Stockholm this week?!

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9 thoughts on “Finnish State Visit To Sweden

  1. My eyes were first drawn to the blue colour of the hat and the wrap of the Queen. I thought it looked very good on her. Only after taking a second (or a third?) glance at the photos did I notice that the jacket and dress actually had green mixed into them. But then she wore emerald jewellery (love that brooch by the way, though it got a bit “lost” in this outfit) to pick up the green from the two-piece and the hat and wrap picking up the blue (although the hat looked a bit forlorn once the wrap had gone.

    Should you wish to read a bit more about the State Visit take a look at my blog entry:

    I am really glad we are now seeing quite a few State Visits happening and hopefully there will be still more to come really soon. And fingers cross the Royal ladies will bring out the tiaras and not be afraid of showing off a little bit of that glitter.

  2. The first lady made an effort with the fascinator and she not only looks comfortable with it, it also looks very polished with her butterfly dress, kudos

  3. I think both Sofia and Victoria look appropriate considering they don’t want to outshine the Queen. I love Sylvia’s cobalt blue wrap with the hat. It accentuates the blue color. The number of Royal events lately has been heartwarming. Is this what normal is? I think there are some catch-up state visits going on that were cancelled due to the pandemic that are adding extra to the schedule right now, but I am loving it!

  4. I like Queen Sylvia’s royal blue hat. I think it suits her and the colour works well with the suit.

    The First Lady looks very pretty. The ecru fascinator is perfect with the butterflies and flowers of her dress.

    Princess Sofia looks very chic but Crown Princess Victoria’s look is a little underwhelming.

  5. Silvia suits saturated colors, and this is no exception; this skirt suit wouldn’t have been my first choice for this hat, but it works quite well, especially with the cobalt blue wrap.

    First Lady Jenni Haukio looked quite lovely in her fascinator and butterfly-patterned outfit; this definitely bests multiple royal ensembles I’ve seen over the years. Brava!

    No surprises from Victoria and Sofia; Victoria’s overall look was the most disappointing of these for me, and while I like Sofia’s outfit and headband and she looks chic in them, it doesn’t make a statement.

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