Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 14

In May 2007, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh took a six day trip to the United States. For their arrival at the White House, the Queen wore a white cloche  with sloped crown overlaid in black lace trimmed with a large feather and lace flower. The Rachel Trevor Morgan designed hat toped a great look for Her Majesty!

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8 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 14

  1. I think this outfit was a fresh look for Her Majesty, and I like it. I like the hat, too, including its unusual lace pattern. I do NOT like that ridiculous rose plonked front and centre. Does it really require such a showy embellishment? Not to my mind.

  2. I like the black and white colour scheme for HM, it’s unusual for her, and so it really stands out. I’m less keen on the hat itself, such a lot of lace feels quite heavy, but it’s beautifully made and designed.

  3. I sometimes wonder if the milliner would make different creative choices if she/he could redo the hat?
    I’m not too fond of this hat, the rose on the hat gives me a: black-paint-dribbled-on-a-white-rose vibe

    • I’m glad someone else has said it but I really dislike this hat for all the reasons you give along with the black lace trim on the outfit.

      I did look to see if she was in half-mourning but I couldn’t find anything. White is used as a mourning colour instead of black – as QEQM did to great success in a state visit to France.

  4. Yes, this really was an outstanding look for Her Majesty. This hat is so delightfully unusual. For me, it’s one of those designs that just pops and becomes a favourite.

    I wonder what The Queen thought when she first saw the design and considered the elements that came together to create it. Gorgeous!

  5. The Queen looked fabulous that day, from top to toe, including that wonderful brooch. I liked everything about this hat except for the placement of the flower, which I would have liked better if it had been a little more to the side.

  6. Sorry, but don’t like this shape on her (& Angela Kelly’s tend to veer in this direction, as well). There’s a Dr. Suess vibe to me w/hats that have this shape 😦

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