Buckingham Palace Garden Party

A third garden party took place at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, attended by the Duchess of Cambridge, Earl and Countess of Wessex and Princess Alexandra.

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The Duchess of Cambridge repeated her coral straw beret percher with layered crin ruffle in three shades of pink. Many of us have been waiting for a second wearing of this design and it’s pairing with a new coral coat dress was spot-on.

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Designer: Jane Taylor bespoke version of the ‘Seriatoporah’ from SS 2017. Coat dress by Emilia Wickstead.
Previously Worn: June 17, 2017

The countess of Wessex repeated her cream striped crin hat. Built on a straw button base, this variation on a saucer shape features a wide fold that flutes the left side of the design. The hat is trimmed with grey and cream twists and a pair of black feathers.  With her pale floral dress, the hat topped a wonderfully airy summer look. Prince Edward repeated his gleaming black antique silk top hat.

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Designer: bespoke Jane Taylor. Dress by Erdem
Previously Worn: Jul 10, 2018; Feb 4, 2018May 10, 2016;  June 17, 2015

Princess Alexandra repeated her pale pink sinamay hat with wide brim trimmed with slim silk bow and feathers. It’s all kinds of lovely.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Sep 9, 2021;  June 18, 2019May 20, 2018

I give a solid two thumbs up to each of these four hats. What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Buckingham Palace Garden Party

  1. I was so excited to see this cocktail hat make another appearance! It’s one of my favorites for Kate, and I like how she turned it slightly this time to give it a little different look. I think the more saturated color of this coat works better than the original dress, but with no necklace, brooch, or any added details to the fabric, the outfit does feel a bit flat. Nevertheless, I’m just to happy to see this hat again!

    I wouldn’t have thought this dress and hat combo for Sophie would work, but it does! Granted, it’s not my favorite ever, but a nice surprise to see a repeat with yet another outfit. Personally, I would’ve chosen a hat to pull out the blue-purple in this dress more. Edward remains one of the best top hat wearers in the family.

    Classic elegant Alexandra. But as we don’t get so many appearances from her, I would’ve liked to see a different ensemble (like the one from Lady Gabriella’s wedding) instead of this one which was worn just last fall.

  2. No argument from me — this was a great day for royal hats! I like Kate’s even better this time. These photos really show how beautifully the ruffled layers are constructed. It seems that the stripes In Sophie’s should clash with the pretty floral frock, but, no, they are subtle enough to work. This is my favorite of the many appearances of this hat. And Alexandra, staying faithful to her personal style, looks wonderful as always.

    It’s getting to be like the Before Times, isn’t it? HQ, I can’t imagine how you’re managing to keep up with all the recent royal activity AND your Jubilee posts. Thank you so much — I’m sure I’m not the only one enjoying this!

  3. A real treat to see Princess Alexandra in her gorgeous pale pink hat again. It’s really ‘all kinds of lovely’ .

    As a non lover of perchers and saucers, The Duchess’s 3 shades of pink percher is really rather nice with this new coat dress. Very stylish.

    I also like The Countess’s frothy saucer hat with this floaty summer dress. I think it works (just) for this Garden Party occasion. Prince Edward is very smart and seems to blend with The Countess.

  4. This is my favorite DoCam hat of all time. I was so excited to see it again. I love the subtle blend of pinks. I think I prefer the dress from the first outing, but this one is lovely too.

  5. A fantastic gathering — all four looked fabulous — Prince Edward as well as the ladies.

    A protocol question, if I may. Why did Princess Alexandra not stand with the others at the top of the stairs during the national anthem and descend with them? I thought it might be protocol as she is not a “senior” royal, but also wondered if it was just that at her age she might have felt unsteady descending that flight of stairs in front of a garden full of onlookers.

  6. FOUR thumbs up today! Alexandra takes the lead, closely followed up by Kate, then Edward, and finally Sophie, who still looks fantastic.

  7. Princess Alexandra is such a charming lady. Good to see her. Thank you.
    The Royal ladies all look lovely. I particularly like the coral pink tones of Catherine’s hat and the colour of Princess Alexandra’s hat.
    Must have been a nice day.

  8. Kate sure loves that coat! 4 colours now… I actually preferred the hat with the original dress, that had a bit more interest to it, and I just don’t really see why the coat was needed instead. It goes well though…
    I don’t actually love Sophie’s pairing, I just find the hat a little too graphic for the floaty dress.
    Alexandra is, as ever, a lesson in regal style. She looks amazing for her age; this is another great look on her.

  9. I agree; full marks all round. For me, the pink hat looks better with this coral dress than the paler one; Sophie’s hat pairs excellently with this floaty dress, and the classic Princess looks fabulous as always.

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