Platinum Jubilee: Trooping the Colour Part 2

The Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge and Princess Royal all took part in Trooping the Colour today.

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The Prince of Wales’ hat (traditionally made of bearskin, these hats are now made of synthetic faux fur) holds the green and white striped feather plume of the Welsh Guards, of which he is Colonel. Prince William’s blue plume relates to his role of Colonel of the Irish Guards. Princess Anne is Colonel of the Blues and Royals and wore the distinctive black bicorne hat of this regiment with upright red feather plume.

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The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her pale aqua blue hat with parabuntal straw domed crown and sinamay sidesweeping brim. The hat is decorated with a padded silk hatband and knotted bow at the side, secured with a blue covered button.

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What to say- it’s a beautiful scale, shape and colour on Camilla, with just the right balance of embellishment, drama and presence. It also pairs so well with her ribbon coat.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Ribbon trimmed coat and cream dress by Bruce Oldfield. 
Previously Worn: Sep 19, 2021; Jun 15, 2021

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a layered straw saucer hat in crisp navy and white straw. The hat is simply trimmed with a thick white cut quill that appears to hover over the design.

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We don’t often see such high contrast on Kate’s hats and it’s so great to see this bolder design on her today. The scale is spot on and with her coat dress, forms an overall look that is wonderfully chic.

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Designer: Philip Treacy OC 915 from SS2022. Dress by Alexander McQueen.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence wore his black silk antique top hat.

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What do you think about these hats today?

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12 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee: Trooping the Colour Part 2

  1. Even though the Doco’s look is another Oldfield/Treacy combo, it’s a wonderfully light, airy and elegant Oldfield/Treacycombo with lots of presence (I wonder if the infamous beige/navy shoes are also a repeat?).

    I, too, love the streamlined/polished statement created by the DoCam’s hat and agree with other commentators that it really suits her; I particularly like the fact that the monochrome look is only broken by the colour in the hat.

  2. While this weekend definitely could warrant plenty of new hats, I’m not surprised Camilla went with a repeat, but I’m also grateful she chose the one she did. Such a divine coat, and while the hat isn’t as stunning as some she’s worn, it’s definitely one her best in terms of her recent hats. Brava!

    Overall I loved Kate’s streamline moderne ensemble, but I wish this hat’s trim had been either a real feather or a classic Treacy twist instead of this, which I find looks awkward at certain angles.

  3. Another thumbs-up for Kate’s hat! This was my favorite of the day — such beauty in its simplicity. The navy accent was perfect to break up all that white.

  4. Catherine’s hat is stunning. So simple, modern and elegant. She looked exquisite today. In some moments, in the way she carried herself, she really reminded me of Princess Diana today.

  5. Kate’s hat is a stunner – a different shape for her, and it works so well. A perfect combo with the white coat.
    Camilla’s outfit is lovely too, totally a go to for her but that stunning coat lives up to the occasion.

  6. Kate’s hat is my pick as the winner! Navy and white are so awesome together.
    No surprises with Camilla here, and her whole ensemble is beautiful.
    It must be tremendously difficult getting in and out of cars while wearing a bearskin hat! Haha.

    • That’s why they wear caps with the uniform when travelling by car!
      Embed from Getty Images

  7. How do you think Kate’s hat stays on her head? Elastic? Attached to a hair band? Pins? The logistics of fancy hat security is such a puzzlement to me.

  8. In a word, super. Camilla’s hat is one of her go-to shapes, but she can carry the scale so well, and it really suits the occasion. You mention the drama of the colour contrast in Kate’s hat, and while the shape is a familiar one, it’s lovely to see something a bit different from her more common pastels.

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