Platinum Jubilee: Trooping the Colour

The Queen’s official birthday celebration, Trooping the Colour, kicked off four days of celebration for the Platinum Jubilee beneath sunny skies in London today.

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Queen Elizabeth wore a pale periwinkle ensemble for this event, one familiar from the new portrait released of her this week.

The outfit’s matching hat, impeccably covered in the same fabric, features a shallow crown and open halo brim. Both the coat and hat are trimmed with the most exquisite platinum beaded scroll braid.

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The placement of the platinum trim around edge of the brim is a brilliant one, encircling Her Majesty’s face in a highlight of subtle sparkle.

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Designer: Angela Kelly made by Stella Mclaren
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Purple and platinum, on paper, feel like obvious colour choices for today but these softer shades make this such a fresh and flattering choice for Her Majesty. What do you think of her new hat today?!

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We’ll look more at hats worn by other family members in the next post.

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12 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee: Trooping the Colour

  1. The colour is a lovely choice but, as mentioned previously on this blog, I’m not a fan of the exact coat fabric and trim being used on the hat. I also agree with other commentators that the hat design with the round, upturned brim, doesn’t do her any favours: the way it fits her head and frames her face with the truncated hair poking out on either side makes her appear older and frailer than she looks without the hat in the official portrait.

  2. I love this hat for Queen Elizabeth on her Platinum Jubilee. She looked absolutely amazing.
    The pastel shade is beautiful and the trim gorgeous.

  3. Congratulations to Fairbanks for correctly choosing the color of HM’s hat today (see the Platinum Jubilee Countdown 1 post)!

    I understand why an upturned brim was chosen as to ensure HM’s face was not obscured, but I also didn’t find it so flattering either and the way you can see how the crown and brim are connected at the base is also a bit unfortunate. But despite my personal issues with the brim, the pastel color and scaled back trim help frame this hat nicely, including the platinum leaves covering the back seam that is usually visible. I was surprised a more vibrant color wasn’t chosen, but the soft lavender was a nice, unexpected alternative.

  4. Congratulations to our Platinum Queen! What an amazing, historic feat. I think she looks amazing, and her outfit shines because of her gorgeous smile….and her enchanting interaction with Prince Louis! Her hat is unique and quite pretty the more you look at it.

  5. I admit to being not that fond of the style of the hat when I first saw it, but it has grown on me as I saw replays throughout the day, and especially after seeing a particular photo posted here — last picture in the 4th gallery — showing that gorgeous trim going up the back seam. I guessed blue for the color of the day (though not here), I was pleased to be right, and what a beautiful shade, so perfect for the occasion.

    For those who were not able to see the lighting of the beacons live on TV, there are many videos posted online. Even as one who has seen every Olympic torch lighting going back decades, I was impressed. BBC World News aired a wonderful hour long program showing the beacon lighting in many parts of the UK and Commonwealth nations, as well as talking to people about how their local beacons were made, and the recollections of those who had ever met The Queen or seen her in person. Lots of hats in evidence in the form of video, film, and even newsreels of HM’s travels to those locales during her reign. If you can find this program online, I highly recommend it.

  6. I, for one, am glad that HM didn’t wear her usual top hat shape of hat. I love this brim and the colors are sublime. I say colors because it looks to me like a light blue coat and crown with lavender for the underbrim. It is probably just the sun or effects of the photography, but that is what it looks like on my screen. I think she looks sublime! Little Louis talking to her was so cute. The children seem very comfortable with her which seems to indicate they spend a lot of time together.

  7. The Queen looks amazing today – full of health and happiness. The color combination is great, as is the coat. I just can’t help not being 100% on board with her new hat, perhaps it’s the unique brim shape. But her being out and about makes up for any hesitation of mine.

  8. The Queen looks so well and happy even having fun. Although the moment I saw her hat my reaction was negative. Oh well as long as she is having a good time that really is the point.

  9. An absolutely beautiful outfit for our beautiful queen. The choice of colour was amazing, and with that gorgeous trim. Whilst I like that hat shape I’m afraid that I’m not a fan of seeing the inside of the join with the corwn, which for me looks a little untidy and distracted from the hat, and also in some of the pics the top of the crown doesnt look straight against the brim. HM still looks amazing. Loved the chat with little Louis! All of the other Ladies looked wonderful too so look forward to the rest of the coverage.

  10. Such an attractive outfit – indisputably luxe, but soft. Much prettier than the neon green outfit at the Golden Jubilee in 2002, in my opinion. The Queen looks very well. So glad the nice weather held for this event!!

  11. I thought she looked wonderful. Light and fresh and the hat was a beauty. The trim was perfect.

    This morning my husband saw the portrait released of the Queen at Windsor and said “I’ll lay you £100 that’s her Trooping outfit”. I said “no, something brighter”. Glad I didn’t take the bet!

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