Danish Royals On Land and Sea

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark laid the foundation stone for Mary Elizabeth’s Hospital at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen on Monday. For this event, she repeated a rose-beige straw picture hat. The hat’s brim, bound in wide cream binding, follows a lovely curve upward around the front and the hat is simply trimmed with an ivory hatband that ties in a bow at the back. It’s a classic design that belies its age, which is always nice to see!

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: Mar 11, 2013; Aug 23, 2011; Jun 17, 2008; Aug 19, 2005

Queen Margrethe embarked on the first week of this year’s summer cruise with a stop today in the port city of Elsionore. She repeated a red straw hat with kettle brim and ribbon daisy flower trim.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn:  Sep 1, 2017; Sep 7, 2016; Jun 5, 2016Sep 5, 2014Sep 3, 2014Jul 21, 2014Sep 5, 2013Jun 7, 2013Sep 3, 2012;  May 25, 2011Jun 7, 2011Nov 6, 2009Jul 23, 2009

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3 thoughts on “Danish Royals On Land and Sea

  1. Kate’s hat is lively. The color is do light and pretty and she looked fabulous, as always.

    I agree with Bristol about Meghan’s hat. Disappointing, especially as she wore such a striking one yesterday. Meghan usually has fabulous hat game. Overall, she still looked lovely. I quite liked the gloves as an addition.

    Beatrice looked incredible. I really liked her overall look. And Eugenie’s pop of orange was delightful. That color looks wonderful on her. Did you see Mike Tindall’s post with Eugenie and Zara? So cute! Maybe it’ll be in the Zara post coming up…

  2. Yes, a classic, flattering hat for Mary that transcends eras and occasions (although I will admit, in the second photo I thought the shoulder of the woman behind Mary was a bow on the back of this hat since I hadn’t seen it before haha). And I agree with JamesB this is this hat’s best outing so far.

    Classic Margrethe, and I really like this hat with this stylized checkered jacket. She really does suit red.

  3. Heavens – Mary’s hat is 17 years old! I thought it was new. It is so gorgeous, and I think this appearance is it’s best yet.

    It actually reminds me of a pale green hat Diana wore a few times in the early eighties. (For some reason Getty isn’t including embed codes for me any more – so I can’t link to it. Is anybody else having this issue?)

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