Platinum Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving Part 1

The British Royal Family attended a Service of Thanksgiving for the Queen ‘s Platinum Jubilee today at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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Sadly, the Queen was not well enough to attend the event. The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her ecru straw hat with angular crown and wide, sidesweeping brim. The hat is trimmed with a finely pleated cream and the most delicate lace applique cutout flowers

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 The juxtaposition of the hat’s angular crown with those exquisite lace flowers has always given this design such interest and its pairing today with Camilla’s ecru silk coat with detailed platinum embroidery works oh so well. Of course, the colour does not make a statement like other hats we’ll see today but it’s a beautifully layered ensemble.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: Jun 8, 2019; June 20, 2018May 22, 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a pale yellow straw saucer hat trimmed with large silk roses and jinsin twists.

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It’s a great design, the sleek and very smooth lines of the top of the hat contrasting so well with the trim beneath its raised side. The hat and dress also pair beautifully (brilliant move making the hat a shade lighter than the dress), although I think in this case, I’d have preferred Kate’s hair partially down to give a little contrast to the overall look.

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Designer: OC 908 from Philip Treacy SS 2022. Emilia Wickstead dress. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new.

Duchess of Sussex wore a pale grey hat with curved brim and shallow crown. The hat looks to be made of crin braid which is also used for a slim hatband that ties in a side bow

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The hat falls a bit flat for me but leaves Meghan’s beautifully tailored coat the clear star of the ensemble.

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Designer: Stephen Jones. Coat by Dior
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Beatrice wore a hat described by the designer as a “striking silk percher hat. Silk covered base, adorned with a double silk bow.”

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The periwinkle shade is glorious on Beatrice, as is the hat’s pairing with her dress in a slightly more denim shade of blue. The hat’s lines show off the sheen of the silk and the stitching on those bows sets them off so well. It’s such a great hat for Beatrice. Bravo!

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Designer: Silk Bow Percher by Juliette Botterill. Dress by Beulah London.  
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Eugenie topped a vibrant orange dress with a black sinamay button percher trimmed with a sculptural twisted bow that splays over the design.

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The pairing of orange dress and black accessories is a bold and brave one that Eugenie carries off well. It’s a modern look emphasized by the unique bow on the hat.

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Designer: bespoke Ophelia Pillbox by Emily London. Dress by Emilia Wickstead. 
Previously Worn: 

I think we’re off to a great start- what do you think of this first group of hats today in London?

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12 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving Part 1

  1. Definitely a hole was left with the absence of HM at this Thanksgiving service, but we got a wonderful selection of hats to adore.

    Camilla looked superb in this ensemble that clearly was a nod to platinum; the jaunty angle of this hat is perfect here.

    Like JamesB said, this is fine for Kate, but it’s been done before. I find this particular hat design a bit side heavy visually after seeing a second one (the first being in Jamaica), and I don’t think these shades of butter yellows are the most flattering either.

    I loved Meghan’s whole ensemble, except for the material of the hat itself. The design is so flattering on her and that swooping angle is fabulous, but this braided material (hemp, toyo, crin, something else?) makes this hat look a bit too casual unfortunately; it would be perfect in a sisal/parasisal!

    Beatrice shines in these shades of saturated sky blue, and this cocktail hat is perfect for her, especially with her hair in a stylized ponytail like this. Brava!

    Eugenie shines in this tangerine dress, and the black hat is a great foil color-wise, but with not a lot of volume to it’s shape this percher hat does get a bit lost in her dark hair.

  2. My thoughts are:
    > DoCo: wonderful repeat with the hat looking extra special combined with the ivory/gold coat.
    > DoCam: extremely elegant, airy design & colour (I have to disagree with HQ on this occasion regarding the hair. personally, I think the up-do reinforces the streamlined elegance).
    > PssB: interesting, well-proportioned design but a colour which contrasted with the rest of the look (orange?) would have been more effective.
    > PssE: another interesting, well-proportioned design although I find the orange/black contrast rather harsh.

    • Apologies, I missed the DoS but agree that the hat fell flat I think because it’s too low, soft and floppy/unstructured – particularly in the context of a highly structured coat.

  3. I thought Meghan looked absolutely spectacular, her look had such a sense of Hollywood glamour about it, and the curve of the brim on that hat was fabulous. Such a strong look.
    Kate felt a little tried and tested, we’ve seen this type of hat on her a lot now, it is undeniably lovely, but I wish she’d vary it a bit more.
    Camilla and Anne look great.
    Eugenie was another standout, that bright orange was so flattering, and the black accessories just let it be the focus. Beatrice also lovely, if not as eye catching.
    All told as I watched it on tv I just thought they all looked great. Such a shame we didn’t get to see HM and what Angela K had made for the occasion though.

  4. For me a mixed bag
    Camilla’s hat I want to wear myself, this hat goes slightly in the direction of puss in boots
    Catherine’s hat I want to give it a tiny tuck to the right,
    Meghan’s hat I had myself as a child
    Beatrice’s hat is lovely, it could have used a button from her dress to make it more coherent as the dye didn’t turn out exactly right
    Eugene’s hat is not my favorite, the shape is more suitable for wearing it at the back of the head, like a pillbox, don’t like the mat color either

  5. All of these hats are wonderful, but the anecdote video is absolutely the wonderfullest! Those daggon ignorant Yanks!

  6. What a funny story! HM has such a quick wit! (I was hoping they would show more of that wit on “The Crown.” But they just make her look stern and unemotional.).

    Now to the hats! I was disappointed by Camilla’s hat and the all white ensemble didn’t do anything for her. I love Kate’s hat. She looked simply elegant. Meghan’s hat was blah, but her coat was very stylish and of the moment with the large collar. I don’t like that extra material flapping in back. This is one of Bea’s best outfits ever, I think. Eugenie’s dress is a great style on her, but it is a lot of orange. Her hat was cute, though.

  7. Yes, a lovely anecdote.

    I thought the Royal ladies’ hats for today’s service at St. Paul’s were a wonderful selection. So many different colours and styles.

    The wide brimmed ecru hat was perfect with the Duchess of Cornwall’s stunning coat dress. Quite a statement.
    The Duchess of Cambridge’s new lemon saucer with toning silk roses was elegantly pretty.
    The Duchess of Sussex’s hat was definitely underwhelming.

    Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie both looked lovely but I do wish they would venture into larger hats more often.

  8. Lovely anecdote!

    And generally lovely hats today too. Camilla has absolutely perfected her look for these very formal occasions, and as I’ve commented before, we’re lucky that she feels comfortable wearing these large dramatically shaped hats that really suit her, as they would be overwhelming on many people.

    A familiar shape for Kate, but such a lovely one and very flattering, so it’s no wonder she returns to it. This ensemble is lovely and summery.

    I’m disappointed in Meghan’s hat, it really is an undistinguished hat you’d expect to pick off the shelf. What a shame she didn’t wear yesterday’s hat today, it looked far more interesting and she looked great in it, from what we saw through the window!

    I really like the hats of both Beatrice and Eugenie, although I think I’d rather Beatrice’s was a more definitely different shade of blue from her dress – it’s perhaps a bit too much like a near miss!

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