Platinum Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving Part 2

We continue coverage of today’s Platinum Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving with the Countess of Wessex, who wore a barely-blush sinamay teardrop beret percher. The hat is trimmed with a hand-rolled pleated organdy ruffle dyed in ombre shades of pink and curled pink quills.

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It’s a shape we’ve seen Sophie wear many times but what really works here is the subtle shades of blush and pink in both the sinamay of the hat and ruffle trim. At a quick glance, it’s not noticeable (especially in sunlit photos) but it’s certainly there. This custom dyeing gives such life and dimension to the piece.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: bespoke Jane Taylor. Dress by Suzannah London. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Lady Louise Windsor wore a bandeau headpiece with peaked center ridge entirely covered in seed beads, pearls and sequins in different shades of pink.

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The shape elevates this piece from basic headband to bandeau headpiece, as does this texture and colour from the beads, pearls and sequins! It’s a wonderfully light and youthful design that suits the occasion and its wearer, perfectly.

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Designer: bespoke Jane Taylor. Dress by Ghost London.
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new.

Princess Anne repeated her muted teal sinamay hat with rounded crown and high, sidesweeping brim embellished with a darker teal slim silk hatband and curling, multi-looped straw bow interspersed with trimmed feathers.

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It’s such a beautiful hat, the different shades of teal adding just the right contrast. Since its last outing, three deep burgundy feathers have been added, tying the hat to the burgundy threads woven into the silk shantung of her coat and dress.

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Designer: Amy Morris-Adams. Silk dress and coat by Shibumi.
Previously Worn: May 11, 2022; Apr 9, 2022; Jul 3, 2019June 20, 2019

Zara Tindall stood out in a bright pink shirt dress with pale mauve accessories and a purple hat. The parasisal beret is trimmed with a twisting bow in the same material, silk hydrangea blossoms and a tuft of purple veil.

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The hat, darling by itself, is elevated by the incredibly striking styling of the ensemble. The pink dress pulls these shades out of the hat’s flowers and while one might expect the hat and dress hues to compete, they balance beautifully. I think the overall look, with it’s unexpected combination of pieces, is absolutely brilliant.

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Embed from Getty Images

And it nearly looks as good on Mike Tindall as it did on his wife!

Designer: Hydrangea Bow Percher from Juliette Botterill. Dress by Laura Green London. Styled by Annie Miall. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Lady Sarah Chatto repeated an ecru textured straw hat with rounded, cloche style crown and extended brim.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer:  Stephen Jones 
Previously Worn: Apr 17, 2021;  May 18, 2019;  June 18, 2012June 15, 2006June 4, 2002June 10, 2001July 11, 2000

Another great quintet of hats here, don’t you agree?!

Images from Getty as indicated  

14 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving Part 2

  1. Zara’s high contrast look is such a winner here, she looks fab. Anne also looks very elegant, that’s a lovely coat, and the hat is a good match.
    I found Sophie’s look a bit underwhelming, but it was only when out of the sun that you could see how shimmery the dress is – it’s nice, but perhaps for a different event. Louise looks lovely, that bandeau is really pretty on her.
    Mike aces them all though – he’s definitely the fun Uncle we all wish we’d had when we were little!

  2. Another fine look for Sophie, but if feels like many she’s worn before, although the ombre shades of the ruffles are a nice touch. The bandeau was great for Louise, but as it is a smaller headpiece, I would’ve preferred some pink in her outfit because personally I don’t think there’s enough hat to offer color blocking/contrast.

    I did notice immediately this was a new coat with this hat and I applaud this, but it wasn’t until this post that I was aware of the additional burgundy feathers on the hat; while I understand their inclusion, I also don’t think they were necessary as this hat as originally made already was a fine choice to pair with this coat. Yes, I realize I’m being extremely particular here, but in the end, I have no actual complaints. Brava!

    I love this color scheme on Zara; it’s so pretty and lighter than we often see on her. And Mike can definitely rock a cocktail hat!

    Props to Lady Sarah for keeping this hat in prime condition after numerous wears over the past 22 years; being made of a flexible braided straw, it definitely could become easily misshapen, but it still looks fresh as ever. And while I offer up that praise, I am disappointed to see it again so soon, especially when the cobalt blue hat from the Sussex wedding would’ve been the perfect repeat for this occasion (unless it’s been reacquired permanently by Stephen Jones)!

  3. My thoughts for this group:
    > Sophie Wessex: it is a familiar shape and colour but the mix of textures and tones makes it very interesting and a great combination with the shininess of the dress fabric.
    > Louise: a lovely idea and colour but, for me, too clunky and the hanging hair tendrils resulted in a rather messy effect overall.
    > PssA: very elegant – particularly with the added burgundy feathers echoing the colour in the silk coat fabric; the outfit looks rather heavy, however.
    > ZT: super/happy design and colour combination although I agree with Bristol that the hanging hair is a jarring note.
    > SC: I like this design and it works well on her but she looks incredibly washed out.

  4. Sophie – lovely hat, and as an almost-neutral, very nice, although frankly I think I’d prefer a bit more colour. Lady Louise not my favourite, but very age-appropriate. Sarah Chatto – certainly an example of someone who has found a style she feels comfortable with and sticks to it, but as it always looks elegant one can’t complain. Anne’s is a beautiful hat, and goes so well with the lovely silk coat.

    I absolutely love the whole effect of Zara’s outfit, the colour combination is great. But I wish she hadn’t left the loose piece of hair dangling, it’s really distracting, and to me distracts from the effectiveness of the hat too (the best photo is the one where she’s looking the other way and you can’t see it!)

  5. Sophie for the win of this millinery mix today, but Mike looked fantastic in both of his wife’s hats. He’s the type of guy you’d like to sit down and have a chat/drink with.

  6. What a lovely array!
    Stand outs for me where the Princess Royal, Duchess of Wessex and Zara Tindall (special mention to Mike with the matching tie)
    Sarah Chatto, always elegant, but would love to see her in some colour sometimes!
    Was Princess Alexandra in attendance at the Church?

    Lady Louise is growing up so fast! Loved her ensemble, very fresh and age appropriate I thought.

  7. Definitely another delightful quintet of hats here.

    For me, Zara Tindall stood out today just because her hat and whole ensemble exuded elegance with a fun and eye catching edge. Her hat’s colour and style with those pretty tinted flowers was fab. I loved the pale mauve shoes and bag. Gorgeous!

    The close up photos of the Countess of Wessex really showed just how pretty her hat was. Television didn’t do it justice. It’s really unusual with the pale blush dress. Lady Louise looked very pretty. I love how mother and daughter stayed with pink over both days. A treat for us pink lovers.

    Lady Sarah Chatto looked simply elegant as did the Princess Royal in her pale teal hat. Her shantung silk coat and dress were perfect for the occasion.

  8. Mike Tindall always brings the laughs. He and Zara are such a fun couple.

    I absolutely love Zara’s entire look. It’s fun, fresh, lively and bold. She also happens to look incredible in that color!

    Lady Sarah looks impeccable as always. Lady Louise looks so pretty. Just an overall, wonderful, age appropriate look. I love the color and dress on Sophie and her hat is an excellent compliment.

    Fabulous looks all around!

  9. Lady Louise looks wonderful. Such a poised young lady! I am enjoying seeing photos of her recently!

    Sophie looks marvelous. The hat suits the entire outfit so well.

    Sarah Chatto I put in the same category as Princess Alexandra. Timeless elegance.

    What a treat to see all of these hats this week.

    Thank you, HQ.

  10. Countess of Wessex outstanding in her outfit. Louise looks matronly . Also to me Zara is off. They have their own styles. Ann looks fine. Sarah has great taste and would like to see her more.

    • It is very difficult not to look matronly in a dress and headpiece when the natural dress code of your age group is torn-up jeans and washed out T-shirts. I have three daughters (youngest just turned eighteen) and Heaven knows how difficult it is to find appropriate clothing for them (AND make them wear it) for occasions even remotely as fancy as this!
      Lady Louise is eighteen – have a heart!

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