Trooping The Colour 2019: Wales Family

The entire Wales family attended today’s Trooping the Colour celebration in London. The Duchess of Cornwall topped her mint coat with her ecru straw hat with angular crown and wide, sidesweeping brim. The hat is trimmed with a cream hatband with folded edges that create the look of monochrome stripes, and layered lace floral applique cutouts.

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The hat is impeccably finished and the lace trim adds a delicate touch that balances so well with the angular lines of the hat and links with the lace trimming Camilla’s coat. It’s a great look for her.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Dress and coat by Bruce Oldfield.
Previously Worn: June 20, 2018; May 22, 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge repeated a large shaped saucer hat in cream straw. The double layered hat features an organic, sharp sidesweep in a fluted curve that reveals lavish trimming of straw twists and pale yellow silk roses on the underside. It’s a great statement piece with wonderful movement and scale that is tamed by its soft colour scheme- a palate that looks wonderful against Kate’s dark hair.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Dress by Alexander McQueen.
Previously Worn: May 19, 2018

The Duke of Sussex, who holds the senior ranks of Major in the British Army and Royal Marines, Squadron Leader in the Air Force, and Lieutenant Commander in the British Navy, was in uniform (I believe that of his regiment, the Blues and Royals) with with peaked forage cap.

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The Duchess of Sussex wore a navy straw teardrop beret percher trimmed in pointed ribbons of navy and white crin that form a loose knot on the side of the hat. Several blogs are reporting it as the same hat she wore to Princess Eugenie’s wedding but they are different-  if you look at the straw bases, the previously worn hat appears to be fairly round shape with little height in a textured straw (parasisal maybe?) while today’s hat has a teardrop shape with slightly higher, domed top in a more finely woven straw. While it is a little curious to choose two hats that are so similar, this is a streamlined design that tied well to Meghan’s cream sleeved dress.

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Designer: Noel Stewart. Dress and coat by Givenchy
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

While not in hats, several additional familiar faces from the Wales family were spotted, excitedly watching the parade through the front windows of Buckingham Palace. So sweet.
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So- what do you think of this group of hats on the Waleses?
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26 thoughts on “Trooping The Colour 2019: Wales Family

  1. A lovely repeat from Camilla, and I’m glad to see her in a slightly more colorful outfit.

    A great repeat on Kate, and one that definitely looks better than it’s premiere. An improved choice of outfit and improved hairstyle makes a big difference (I’m not opposed to one’s hair down with hats, but I didn’t care for the way it looked at Harry & Meghan’s wedding).

    I’m not convinced about Meghan’s coat (the sleeves + neck remind me of U.S. nurses’ outfits in many hospitals), but the hat is a drastically improved choice over the one worn at Eugenie’s wedding (despite their similarity), and the gloves are so fabulous. If I had the choice, I would’ve brought back the olive green hat from Louis’ christening:

  2. The Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge both look fantastic in their impeccable, streamlined Tracy hats! I wonder if in later times people will look at these pictures and point out these ladies as exemples of the utmost elegance of this era. (And then imagine that everyone was dressed in such a stylish way!)

    The beret percher of the Duchess of Sussex, while a bit low key in colour and shape, is beautiful in itself, made from fine quality straw and with an interesting crin trim. Crin is not an easy material to work with and Noel Stewart has the knack of making original trims out of it.
    I would love to see Meghan in warmer colours, navy blue is not my favourite for her, but it is nice to see her happy and in apparent good health. (I remember my wardrobe struggles after each birth giving: it takes a while for the body and mind to adjust to the position of parenthood and clothes, while still important, are not the center of the universe at such a time!)

    For the youngest members of the family this must be an unforgettable experience, seeing their father and male members of the family in uniform, watching the planes fly over Buckingham Palace. What wonderful memories these children must have of a day like this!

  3. Charlotte also wore a wee blue hairbow. Not a fascinator…. but almost!

    Embed from Getty Images

  4. I thought Meghan herself looked gorgeous and very happy in terms of her face. A delight to see that new mummy glow. The hat seemed very unflattering – I was wondering if it was a misjudged effort to play on a military beret for a military occasion as the angle was so off. The cut of the cape part of the outfit seemed just really poor – so odd for Givenchy. I think perhaps she could use advice from a different stylist (is Mulroney her actual stylist?) as she settles in here post all the very rapid fire engagement, wedding, baby excitement of the las couple of years.

  5. The Duchess of Cornwall in her signature style. And very well done I must say. Such a flattering look for her.
    But I was wondering: if you have so many cream hats, wouldn’t it be nice to have one with a trim in a colour that matches her coat? Or would that be too matchy-matchy?

    Duchess of Cambridge: absolutely stunning. I love everything about this look, but especially the dramatic trim.

    Duchess of Sussex: I can’t say there’s anything wrong with this hat or colour. But It’s just not that exciting is it? We know she can do much better than this. Maybe she had her reasons for this hat, who knows. On the other hand, if Camilla can have her cream hats, Meghan can have her blu hats.
    I do have to say that in the pictures taken from her right side this isn’t her most flattering hat. Maybe not the best for her face shape? But maybe that’s just me.

  6. Duchess of Cornwall – I feel like the hat trimmings are just a touch too fussy. I do like how the lace details in the hat go with the lace details on the coatdress.

    Duchess of Cambridge – so pleased to see another outing for this stunning hat. I liked it the first time but I love it this time! The sideswept bun and beautifully tailored light yellow outfit bring it all together.

    Duchess of Sussex – I won’t comment on her outfit as she is probably struggling with clothes post-partum. Meh to the hat. This looks just like all the other navy blue berets we have seen her wear. Would be nice to see her in something other than navy blue/white/black beret percher. I guess she tried that big pillbox earlier this year but that was a misfire.

  7. I thought the Duchess of Cambridge looked spectacular! I adore the color of her outfit and it brings out the lemon color of the flowers in her hat. The way she styled her hair really made this hat shine. It’s a gorgeous piece.

    The Duchess of Cornwall looked lovely. She’s always on par with her hat choices and this one was lovely.

    So nice to see the Duchess of Sussex out! I would love to see her in another color though. A rich jewel tone on her would be outstanding.

    The Cambridge kids are so cute! Is it just me or does Prince Louis look like Prince Oscar of Sweden? The video of him waving on the balcony was the best!

  8. The Duchess of Sussex wears berets well, and the trim on this one is so crisp. I’d still like to see her try some other styles, and I’m joining the chorus about lighter and/or brighter colors for her.

    The Duchess of Cambridge’s beautiful repeat is offsetting my disappointment that we didn’t see more new hats for this high-profile event…kind of. Maybe the ladies are saving it up for Ascot.

  9. The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall look lovely – both ensembles really show how they have perfected their “uniforms.”

    I agree with others regarding the Duchess of Sussex – her hat seems inappropriate for Trooping (too small, too dark, too workaday), and it’s curious that she has amassed so many similar, fairly nondescript hats in such a short period. She would look wonderful in something larger and lighter/brighter in color.

    • I have removed several comments suggesting that navy is an inappropriate colour to wear in summer or that cocktail percher hats were an unsuitable hat style to wear for this event. Neither of these suggestions are fair or accurate.

      By all means- you don’t have to like this hat (or its colour) but there’s nothing inappropriate about it. We’ve seen countless similar styles in dark colours at Trooping the Colour over the past 5 years (there’s several coming up in subsequent posts) and suggesting it broke a non-existent dress code and/or was an inappropriate choice is simply NOT TRUE.

      • Yes, I certainly realize that, and I hope I didn’t imply that a rule was broken!

        The Duchess of Cambridge has worn at least one dark hat to Trooping (I believe in 2011), and I didn’t particularly like that either. I know others this year wore dark hats (the Countess of Wessex, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie). These worked better, in my opinion, because they were paired with brighter/lighter dresses – and even then I don’t much like them!

        To me, the celebratory nature of Trooping the Colour, and the visibility required (crowds viewing the carriages and balcony appearance from a distance), lends itself to hats (and ensembles) that are lighter/brighter.

        • One could argue that a dark hat makes one more visible against the light stone of Buckingham Palace…

          It’s not OK to say a particular hat was inappropriate for this event because it’s clear (from years and YEARS of past Troopings) that there is no dress code around what kind of hat should or should not be worn. The women of the British royal family are free to wear what whatever hat or headpiece they want.

          I’m reacting strongly against this because in the last 12 hours, I’ve deleted comments that called Meghan’s hat a “transgression”, a “breach of protocol”, “completely inappropriate”, a “faux pas” and “disrespectful to the Queen”- NONE of which are true- along with claims this is not a “real hat”. I’ve been particularly disappointed to read this nonsense from some long-time commenters who are very familiar with the comment policy here. Privately, I’ve told these writers to smarten up and I mean it.

          • I’m shocked that people here said such things. I could understand it coming from newbie royal watchers but not ones who have been following them a long time. Good for you HatQueen for laying down the law. The only thing that’s for sure inappropriate is those kinds of comments.

          • It’s a fair point that dark colours stand out better against a light background! To me, dark colours at Trooping are akin to wearing a black or very dark colour to a daytime spring or summer wedding, or a christening. Certain occasions just call for certain colours, in my opinion. Again, my apologies – I certainly didn’t mean to imply that protocol had been breached. I will choose my words more carefully in future 🙂

          • Thanks Emily. Your comment came in the midst of several others that were irrational and completely over the top and it felt like, in addition to deleting these other comments (and ultimately banning two individuals whose irrationality increased in private messages), I needed to say something public. Setting boundaries here is sometimes difficult but my consistent goal is to keep this a respectful space. Thankfully, it’s not usually an issue.

          • I read some of those comments and I thought they were a joke because they sounded so Victorian. Thanks for banning those people.

            I don’t comment here because people here know so much about hats and how they are made I can’t think of anything to say that won’t make me look dumb. But I really like this blog and I love seeing what the younger princesses are wearing.

          • All are welcome to join the discussion here- you included! Lots of millinery knowledge is not required and you’ll find the regular bunch here a lovely one. I learn countless things from other readers and greatly appreciate all the contributions they make to the discussion. You are most welcome!

  10. I love this outfit of Camilla’s. The trim on the hat is delightful – so airy and light, and co-ordinating so well with the “Wedgewood” trim on the coat. She looks super!
    I also prefer this outing of Catherine’s hat, with a deeper yellow dress. Several have wondered if this might be the primrose dress originally meant to be worn for Harry’s wedding, but it was too soon after Louis’ birth for the fit, necessitating a last minute switch to the Charlotte christening outfit… I don’t know, obviously, but despite all talk of the sunniness of the day blanching colours or not, I still think this is a deeper yellow, and makes the flower trim on the hat really stand out. Good pairing.
    I’m not a fan of the little navy hats worn by Meghan, but lovely to see her out and about again!

    • That is an interesting thought about Kate’s dress. I would like to think it was true because I thought a repeat style for Harry and Meghan’s wedding was meh and the dress didn’t look too lemony to me in any of the pictures including the inside pictures. Whatever the history of the dress it complemented this hat perfectly. It was a match made in heaven!

  11. Camilla is as always queen of hats. She wears them so well. Like the Queen Mother and Beatrix she has a signature style but it always looks good. Kate’s hat looks better with the updo and with a lemon dress, perfect for the time of year. Meghan…well just meh to navy in the summer . She looked better with the jacket off , but a hat with some white in would have been nice to lift the ensemble

  12. You’re spot on about Camilla, that’s a great look, and I really like the sharply angled hat, it’s so flattering.

    Good to see Kate’s repeated lemon number. The last time didn’t show the difference in colours (it was a much sunnier day), but this time you saw to perfection how the flowers are more lemon coloured then the brim. It’s pairing with the dress is very good too, I was unsure about the dress at first but seeing it’s very fine pleating I like it. I suspect (as is her won’t with McQueen), that we’ll be seeing this one in a few more colours before long.

    And Meghan, well it’s nice to see her out and about. I to thought it was the same hat, but you’re right they’re different. This is the same as with the saucer she wore for Trooping last year, I just don’t get why two almost indistinguishable hats are needed. Very strange. But she looks nice enough, though the navy is a bit meh. Love those gloves though. Fabulous!

    • The only way those nearly identical navy and pink hats would make sense to me would be if she was borrowing them from milliners (as we suspect Zara, Beatrice and Eugenie do). However, as I understand it Meghan buys all her hats, so this is really baffling to me.

    • The other one is navy. A bit darker shade than this one, I think, but definitely blue.

      Embed from Getty Images

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