Ascot 2022 Day 1: Gloucesters & Kents

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and Lady Frederick Windsor also attended the first day of Royal Ascot races today. The Duchess of Gloucester repeated her new black sinamay hat with wide, upturned pleated brim. The hat is trimmed with a slim double hatband.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn:  May 25, 2022

Princess Michael Princess Michael of Kent repeated her arctic silver white silk covered pillbox hat with large ostrich feather plume on the back.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: John Boyd
Previously Worn: Jun 3, 2022; June 19, 2019May 18, 2019October 12, 2018June 13, 2015;  Oct 18, 2014Jun 16, 2014

Prince Michael and Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester wore black silk and grey felt top hats.

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Lady Frederick Windsor (who goes by her maiden name, Sophie Winkleman, professionally) wore a natural hue dotted straw beret percher with large bow. The hat is trimmed with a spray of beaded strawberries. It’s a charming hat but I would have preferred it be paired with something less obvious than a strawberry printed dress!

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Designer:  Strawberries and Cream hat by Laura Cathcart. Strawberry print dress by Beulah London  @beulahlondon
Previously Worn:  

What do you think of this group of hats?

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5 thoughts on “Ascot 2022 Day 1: Gloucesters & Kents

  1. I think the hat choice could be better, but wow those emeralds! I’d like to show the Duchess of Cambridge how pretty non-matching colours can be, as she tends to always match her jewels to her dress colour.

  2. Oh Birgitte, I adore your dress and those jewels are to die for (especially since emeralds are my favorite), but seriously, you couldn’t have brought out the stunning emerald green boater again to pair with this outfit?? (insert crying emoji)
    Embed from Getty Images
    This hat is fine, but it just doesn’t suit Ascot IMO.

    Did Marie-Christine get rid of most of her wardrobe? For as little as we see her, it feels like this is one of the only ensembles she’s been wearing.

    A nice enough look for Sophie, but my word does it look like her hat is about to fall off the front of her head! I can’t imagine that felt comfortable at all; in the second and fourth photos of the slideshow it looks to be pushed back a bit, but still sat too far forward IMO.

  3. Birgitte’s hat and (and its blue twin) just don’t look quite right to me. Although the shape is similar to Camilla’s Phillip Treacys, these have a floppy beach hat look to my eye. While I can appreciate the desire for protection from the sun, she has worn better. At least the black makes a background for her stunning emerald earrings!

    HQ, I agree completely about Sophie’s strawberry hat — so charming, but too many strawberries for one ensemble.

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