Ascot 2022 Day 3: Mike & Zara Tindall

The Tindalls attended Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot today. Zara wore a vibrant green straw boater hat with unique triangular folded ribbon hatband. The design is trimmed with a fuchsia gravity-defying rose.

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The punchy green and pink scheme on the hat is so well balanced by Zara’s cream shirtwaist dress with fun buttons that linked to the hat and other pink accessories. The pieces combine again to make a standout overall look for Zara.

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Designer: Justine Bradley-Hill. Laura Green dress
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Mike Tindall repeated his antique black silk top hat and matched his fuchsia tie to the flower on his wife’s hat!

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What do you think about this pair of hats at the races today?

UPDATE: This appears to now be a Tindall tradition!

11 thoughts on “Ascot 2022 Day 3: Mike & Zara Tindall

  1. Wow, I love this for Zara! She has rarely worn green, and this emerald shade is fantastic on her. This boater is a great change from her usual perchers and having her hair down makes it that much better! Simply Zara at her best.

    Mike has always been excellently dressed for the races, but the color coordination of his tie combined with Zara’s fabulous ensemble just makes him look that much better. Bravo!

  2. This is quite a look – and I LOVE it! Zara looks fantastic. The hat is perfect for Ascot, fun and vibrant, and a nice departure from
    Zara’s normal perched shape. The dress sensibly doesn’t try to compete.

    This look is much more in Beatrice’s style, but great to see Zara rocking it.

  3. A really super look for Zara, a wonderful vibrant hat with enough width to balance her whole outfit, and a very flatteringly cut dress too, so overall a real winner. I’m not that fond of boaters as a shape, but this is not only an excellent example, but worn at one of the classic outdoor events of the season, so it seems very appropriate!

  4. I totally agree this is a stunning statement look for Zara on Ladies Day. She and Mike look amazing.

    I’m not quite as keen on the hat itself as everyone else. Sorry! I think I just prefer a softer colour palette.

  5. It’s pretty wild to see that someone else wore the same hat the day before! For those who may have missed it, it was featured in the fourth picture of the first set of eye-catching “additional hats” in the Day 2 round-up post.

  6. I thought Bea was the only one I liked in a boater and now Zara proves me wrong. I love everything about this, it’s so FUN. I’d love to know how the flower is attached so it stays up just so.

  7. I loved the whole look –on both of them! Mike always looks dapper. His antique silk top hat is a beauty. That vibrant hat on Zara was a terrific choice and I love how it connected to the unexpected hot pink buttons on her dress.

  8. I am swooning over Zara’s hat. IT is wonderful in the most unexpected way. By far my favorite royal hat of this Ascot (so far).

  9. Mike Tindall looks great. Dapper as always. I wish he’d grace us with a photo of him in Zara’s hat! I think Green might be his color!

    As for Zara’s look…to say this is a showstopper would be an understatement. This hat and color combination is one big WOW! It is so fabulous….the colors, shape, scale, trim. Everything works. And I love the pink buttons and shoes. It just all ties together so well. My favorite look of Zara’s. She can wear any hat and any color. She’s really The Queen’s granddaughter.

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