Inventory: Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s Blue Hats

We’re diving into Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s wardrobe today for a look at all of the blue hats and headpieces. Here they are in the order of introduction:

1.  2.   3.
Designer: all are unknown
Introduced: May 31, 2001; Apr 9, 2005; May 10, 2005

4.  5.  6.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Philip Treacy; Philip Treacy; unknown
Introduced: Oct 27, 2005; Jun 6, 2006; Jun 20, 2006

7.  8.   9.
Designer: Philip Treacy; unknown; Stephen Jones for Jil Sander
Introduced: Feb 7, 2007; Sep 13, 2007; May 17, 2012

10. 11.
Designer: Prada headband; unknown
Introduced: May 31, 2012; April 30, 2013

12. 13. 14.
Designer: Mona Strand; unknown (Prada brooches) Jennifer Behr
Introduced: Sep 2, 2014; Jan 17, 2016; Jun 23, 2016

These design deserves mention as well:

Embed from Getty Images

It’s quite a collection of navy! I’m not complaining- I adore this classic colour and the Norwegian Crown Princess wears it well. The standout for me here is #7 with its beautifully sweeping brim and presence that just isn’t possible with the smaller headpieces Mette-Marit usually chooses. The #11 beaded headpiece has also grown on me over the years while I’m happy to leave a few of the odder shapes in the past.

What stands out to you in this group of blue hats?

Images from Getty as indicated; Tim Graham, Julian Parker, Ragnar Singsaas/WireImage, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press,  Julian Parker/UK Press, Solum, Stian Lysberg/AFP, Larsen, Hakon Mosvold/AFP, Ragnar Singsaas, Peter Dejong-Pool, Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images; Andreas Fadum; NRK; Ragnar Singsaas via Getty

8 thoughts on “Inventory: Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s Blue Hats

  1. I think she rocks a pillbox (#12). I drool over the beaded headpiece (#11) and am inspired to put lace netting on my ski hat too! (#9)

  2. I’m such a sucker for her minimalist take on occasion dressing. Particular favourite is the pillbox worn all the way back; MM really rocks this look. And the beaded headband is stunning too. If she struggles to wear heavier hats, she’s totally found the perfect way around it.

  3. I don’t know the timing, but I did hear that Mette Marit had neck issues, which meant she was not wearing heavy things on her head until after she recovered from her surgery to relieve the problem. I wonder if the beaded flowers came during that time. They would be much lighter than the metal of a tiara

  4. Agree that #7 is superb and definitely the winner in this group. The white with blue at the end also a standout, though I think I would have preferred it with her hair down. Of the hats, #4 is for me the least fave, mainly because it seems too big and is coming down over her face. As for the headbands, they have become her signature over the years, and there are some nice ones in this group. #11 is most interesting to me, I would love to know more about what it is made of and how it’s put together — none of the other views in the linked post reveal much. (But incidentally, Mette-Marit aside, you should all look at that 2013 Dutch Enthronement post for views of the amazing hats worn by the OTHER attendees!)

  5. I’ve always loved #2 and am sad it never got another outing. I don’t recall ever seeing #7, so that was a treat this morning and agree it’s a flattering hat for Mette-Marit. I personally enjoy the quirkiness of the stylized beanie with the veiling, which also feels appropriately (stereotypically?) Nordic (and this wasn’t the only one of this style we saw on a royal head either), and #11 is so lovely on her. Of course, #15 (the off-white with navy stripes portrait hat) is probably my all-time favorite hat for Mette-Marit, and it’s a shame this one didn’t get more wears than it did. Finally, while I think headbands can sometimes look a bit juvenile, I’ve never found that to be the case with Mette-Marit; while I don’t always care for some of her headband choices, she has proven to be a leader when it comes to that style of headwear, and I applaud her for that.

  6. I’m quite surprised there are so many as I don’t think of Mette Marit as a real hat wearer, but I guess it is over nearly 20 years. Number 7 and the white with navy are classic large shapes and when you see them here, you realise why they endure – they look good! Completely flummoxed by number 9, the knitted ski hat with the veil…

    I really like Mette Marit in the classic pillbox, an elegant look that really suits her. The beaded headdress is a pleasant alternative to a tiara, although if you have a selection of tiaras, I’m not sure you need an alternative…

    The second one is perhaps a little of its time, but I do wish that some of her smaller scale hats now shared that exuberance!

  7. Could #3 and #8 be the same? It’s hard to tell. I cracked up at the netting on the #9 ski cap! I quite liked the #11 headpiece – delicate and beautifully entwined in her lovely hair. #12 is why I dislike pillboxes so much. My favorite is the last one, the white/navy hat, followed closely by the beautiful large brimmed #7.

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