Farewell To My Queen

Buckingham Palace announced moments ago that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II passed away this afternoon at Balmoral. With this news, we draw the second Elizabethan era to a close with deep sadness, immense admiration, and infinite gratitude.

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Good memories are our second chance at happiness.”

Queen Elizabeth II

In coming days, we will relive good memories of her, celebrate who she was- gracious, noble, strong, happy and glorious- and look back at her extraordinary life through her hats. Those of us who count ourselves among her subjects are most fortunate to have lived during her reign.

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God save the King.

22 thoughts on “Farewell To My Queen

  1. Such a wonderful Woman, Monarch, Wife and Mother to her extended family generations… greatly admired and loved by many Aussies. Vale QEII RIP God Save the Queen

  2. A lovely tribute HatQueen, and I join all my fellow Royal Hats community members in remembering and mourning the loss of HM The Queen.

    Such a strange feeling, the shifting into a new era, this magnificent and awful moment in history. HM had an incredible reign, and for most of us on this planet, she is the only British monarch we have known; due to such longevity, HM was, on some level, Queen to us all regardless of nationality. Over seventy years of triumphs and tragedies, magic and mystery, love and loss, HM graced us here at Royal Hats with a plethora of beauties on her head (along with just a few that made one think, “Hmmm . . .”), and I believe we will all be forever grateful for that specific joy she brought to us.

    As HM has said, “I have to be seen to be believed,” and I argue the same was true with her hats. Rest In Peace, Your Majesty.

  3. I was moved to tears, not so much because of the Queen’s passing, but by the way I was told about it: a 16 year old boy, after checking his cell phone at the end of class, around 2:30 EST, blurted out: ” the Queen has died!” It seemed to register even with him the gravity of history today. As an American, I’m saddened beyond words. GST(Q)K!

    • One of the newscasters I saw on TV yesterday noted that we will all remember exactly where we were when we heard the news, and that is absolutely true — I was at a friend’s house and their son had the TV on and came in to give us the news, so I imagine I will always now think of them and their living room when the Queen’s passing is mentioned, just as I can still mentally picture exactly where I was when I learned that Princess Diana had died.

      Jimbo — “at the end of class” — are you a teacher? I hadn’t realized that. I was in school (Social Studies) when the announcement came via the intercom that President Kennedy had died, and I can still picture as clearly as if it were a photograph the appearance of that classroom, the teacher, and my classmates around me.

  4. As a Canadian, I lost my Queen today. I always knew this day would come, but it has come way too soon. She was a constant presence in my daily life…her image on our currency, our stamps. Her portraits in our schools and government buildings. Her name on the highways I drive and the places I visit.

    A lot has been stated by great leaders today, reflecting on her legacy and impact worldwide. What has not left my mind is her enduring sense of duty to her subjects – right to the end. On September 4, our country suffered a tremendous tragedy with 10 people dying and 19 injured in a senseless, despicable attack at the James Smith Cree Nation. Two days ago, Queen Elizabeth sent condolences to Governor General Simon on this horrific attack, keeping the victims’ families in her thoughts and prayers, mourning alongside all Canadians. Even at the end of her days she was thinking of her subjects. That selflessness and devotion to duty is the hallmark of her reign and will stay with me forever.

    What an amazing icon.

    Your Majesty, you earned your rest. Thank you for your steadfastness over 70 years.

    God save The King.

  5. It really is the end of of an era. Feels so strange that this day has come; but at least she didn’t seem to have too much suffering.
    An amazing life of service, so we’ll lived. We will all miss her very much.

  6. Well said. She is a person to be admired, a person to learn from. A fine example of dedication and duty. God save the Queen

  7. Since I’m an American, I was never a subject, but I still loved and admired her. She made me wish I were British. My sympathies and prayers go out to those who knew and loved her.

  8. Beautiful images and very touching post. We have been lucky to have had this example of gracious and steadfast leadership.

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