Danish Golden Jubilee: Extended Family & Royal Guests

Princess Benedikte used the occasion to debut a new hat in biscuit colour straw with wide cartwheel brim and straight-sided crown. The hat is trimmed in a bias hatband in the same woven fabric as the ensemble’s coat, looped on the side in a bow. While I’d have preferred the hatband to be a little shorter, the overall look is still wonderfully elegant.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Princess Alexandra of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg wore a lilac silk covered halo bandeau headpiece trimmed with an arc spray of feathers and side bow.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: unknown

Princess Nathalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg repeated her mother’s cream sinamay hat with wide upsweeping brim. We’ve previously seen this hat trimmed only with a wide sinamay hatband and it’s a nice change to see the large silk rose in apricot hues that Nathalie added to link the hat with her dress.

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Designer: Mathilde Førster 
Previously Worn by Princess Benedikte: Jun 23, 2021; Jun 2, 2018

Queen Anne-Marie of Greece wore a cream straw pillbox trimmed in a swath of dotted ivory net tulle and pleated circles of pink and beige straw.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this is new

Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark wore a headpiece of pink silk ruffles studded with pink feathers.

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Embed from Getty Images

Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark topped her pink dress with a seafoam green sinamay folded disc trimmed wtih a feather and sinamay flower. Princess Nina of Greece and Denmark wore a rounded half hat covered in midnight blue velvet, trimmed with a large navy silk bow.

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Countess Sussie of Rosenborg (wife of Queen Margrethe’s first cousin Count Ingolf wore a white felt rounded beret trimmed with a multi-looped bow.

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Queen Silvia of Sweden repeated a white straw calot hat trimmed with a multi-looped white bow on the side studded with silver sparkles and wrapped in burnt white feathers.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the “Premier rendez-vous” design.
Previously Worn: Sep 8, 2020; Sep 30, 2014April 5, 2014May 22, 2013May 29, 2012; April 16, 2010May 23, 2009April 22, 2009April 15, 2008

Queen Silvia wore an ecru felt cloche with unique ribbed detail on the side of the crown and a slim hatband.

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Which hats stood out to you at this event?!

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9 thoughts on “Danish Golden Jubilee: Extended Family & Royal Guests

  1. I absolutely love this hat on Benedikte; the wide brim and jaunty angle just suits her so well! However, I do agree with others the fabric of the hatband and bow does feel a bit thick/heavy. I like the outfits Nathalie and Alexandra wore, but I’m not certain their hats were the best choices for them (although certainly far from the worst!).

    Anne-Marie looks nice, but I agree the color of the pillbox does mean it gets lost in her hair a bit. Alexia and Theodora looked fine, but nothing to rave about. Nina’s headpiece isn’t my favorite style, but it looked very nice on her, and I love her coat with what I presume are cherry blossoms.

    Countess Sussie looked fantastic; definitely one of the best dressed at this event!

    A fine look from Silvia, but it’s a shame the trim is again worn at the very back. Sonja’s hat was fine overall and the ribbed detail is interesting, but I don’t find cloches the most flattering style on her.

    It’s unfortunate this happened when it did and it would’ve been nice to see some more royals to turn out to celebrate, but overall it seemed like a nice event that seemed to have a more intimate, familial vibe to it.

  2. I agree that Benedikte’s hat is a winner, although it’s true the the hatband is too big. Love how the side swept hat picks up the diagonal detail of the dress.

    Anne-Marie’s is rather bland, but that’s good when there are so many interesting details in her ensemble: the piped detailing of the 3/4 length coat, the fun print of the dress, and the multi-colored stones of her brooch. This is one of those times when the hat is not the focus.

    Fabulous hat for Sussie — those loops add a lot of interest to their white beret.

    • Although she’s not so high profile as Benedikte, Countess Sussie, like her cousin-in-law, is also invariably beautifully turned out. Her hat is lovely here.

  3. I really like Benedikte’s hat, it’s very elegant, and to me, it’s got almost not so much a hatband as a wrapped crown that decreases to the bow, so personally, I don’t feel that it seems too big.

    Anne-Marie’s pillbox is a miss, I think, mainly because the neutral colour means it lacks all definition against her hair. Silvia’s hat, which is not dissimilar in size and shape, works better because of the contrast with her hair colour.

    I love Margrethe’s whole ensemble, though!

  4. Benedikte’s new hat for the win. The September weather may have something to do with the heavier hatband, and I love it.
    None of the others come close, IMHO. The princess’s new ensemble reminded me immediately of HM’s outfit from 20 years ago. I like it also.

    May 14, 2002
    Embed from Getty Images

    • BTW, what are the chances that this hat was reworked into the following one? The brim smaller, and the heavier band removed to produce this beautiful hat. Happy Sunday, all.

      November 26, 2005: Malta
      Embed from Getty Images

      • Interesting idea, but I think not. When light shines through the brim of the Malta hat, one can see a cross-hatched effect in all pictures. View 3 of blue-pink trimmed hat clearly demonstrates a different weave. Otherwise the two hats could be the same: angles, color, size, crown all look the same. I do wonder what will become of all of Queen Elizabeth’s hats!

  5. Daisy for the win. We’ve seen the style and color many times before, but it really works for her. Honorable mention to Sussie, whose lovely hat echoes the design of her brooch.

    The shapes and colors of Benedikte’s hat and dress are fantastic, but upon closer viewing, the fabric is faaaaaar too heavy for both.

    So many of these hats seem random and mismatched with the outfits.
    — Nathalie’s straw hat clashes with her white jacket (which I assume she wore at the last minute to stay warm).
    — Alexandra’s very pretty fascinator is let down that that odd, clashing dress.
    — Silvia’s callot is worn too far back on her head and looks like a nursing cap.
    — Nina seems to like big bows on her head (see the pix from her wedding in Switzerland). That Thom Browne coat-cape she’s wearing looks like a tent. Love her smile, though. Who wouldn’t be smiling with her best accessory (Philippos)?
    — Alexia’s fascinator looks like a loofah.
    — Sonja looks like she’s headed to play a game of golf in that cloche. She usually has a radiant smile but has looked pained at some recent events–hope she is OK.

    • I agree on the whole, though I liked Nina’s bow – she seems to be like Laurentien and Mabel, with her own very distinctive dress style!
      Alexia’s fascinator also looked old fashioned, on the side of her head like that.
      I also thought Sonja’s hat was a miss.

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