Dutch State Visit To Greece

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima made a 2-day state visit to Greece earlier this week. For their arrival in Athens on Monday, Queen Máxima wore a new cream teardrop beret percher trimmed with silk flowers and a dotted net birdcage veil.

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We see Máxima in very few hats of this colour but the veil on this one elevates its statement, which in combination with the cognac colour blocked dress, is so good.

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Designer: Philip Treacy OC950 from SS 2022. Dress by Greek designer Zeus+Δione
Previously Worn: This hat is new

On Tuesday, Queen Máxima repeated a silk floral bandeau headpiece.

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It’s the overall picture that works so well here, the headpiece such a lovely counterpoint to the sleek lines of the beautifully tailored coat dress (those sleeves!).

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Claes Iversen. 
Previously Worn: Sep 16, 2021; May 13, 2021;  May 14, 2014March 10, 2011

Thoughts about this pair of designs on the Dutch queen this week in Greece?

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10 thoughts on “Dutch State Visit To Greece

  1. In agreement – a larger, brimmed hat would have been a better choice for Max’s 1st ensemble.
    Is the following hat Jake’s preference? Notice the belt has been placed backward now. Again, I concur with the larger hat.

    June 17, 2019: Windsor – Order of Garter
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. I have very mixed feelings about both of these ensembles. I don’t like the first dress at all (I’m sorry but no matter how often I look at it, I still see a bathrobe over a nightgown), but even if I liked the dress, I think a larger brimmed hat would have looked better with it, plus the fact that the teardrop “point” of the veil is on the opposite side of the teardrop point of the hat base is kind of annoying.

    The coat dress with those wonderful sleeves is quite elegant, and I would like to see it with the larger brimmed hat that Jake mentioned, if someone could share a link. I like the floral headpiece, but it strikes me as very “mother of the bride-y”, and I like it much better with the floaty silky dress it was previously worn with than with this very tailored coat dress.

  3. I do like Maxima’s first outfit, the percher hat is unlike her usual choices, but goes well with the look. It’s a surprisingly old-fashioned hat from Philip Treacy, though, I think – if I’d seen it by itself I’d have guessed it might be ten or fifteen years old! (Although I guess it might have been an oval base rather then a tear drop back then.) I think it’s the combination of the percher style with the very traditional flower trim that makes it look a bit dated to my eye.

    Not keen on the flowery bandeau at all.

  4. The percher with the cognac dress is different from what Maxima usually wears and I like it. Not sure I would like the hat without the veil though.

    I do not think the headpiece is flattering. It’s too fussy, even paired with a more tailored dress. I am not a fan of Maxima in pale pastels. I think she really shines in rich, saturated colors.

  5. I love how Máxima is always so completely overdressed; I saw pics from this event and she’s sitting with students in jeans. She totally owns it, she just gets what it means to be a Queen.

  6. I loved that first look for Máxima; she hasn’t done a ton of percher cocktail hats, but they are a good alternative style for her, and the white pairs very well with her outfit. My only complaint is I don’t think the veiling is styled as well as it could be, although I’ll admit the wind may have had a bit of a hand in that.

    The floral bandeau piece is fine enough, but the last time we saw this outfit it was with quite a large hat that featured a myriad of trim; this feels too sedate and I think a brimmed hat of some sort would’ve balanced out the look better.

  7. While I like both the creme percher hat and the dress, I don’t feel that they go well together. I think a neutral straw
    hat with a brim and a band that matches the dress – which Queen Maxima wears so well- would have been a better
    choice, especially considering where she is and the climate. The pink pastel dress with the floral headband are lovely
    together, but it is not a good shade for her skin tone. She looks better in more vibrant colors. And, considering where she
    is, a brighter color would have looked better on her.

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