Last Week’s Extras

Queen Mathilde in a forest walk in support of mental health on October 28 in a casual felt fedora
Embed from Getty Images
Princess Anne in a casual bucket hat while on a visit to Uganda on October 26

Crown Princess Mary repeated her navy felt fedora with burgundy hatband at the attend the Hubertusjagt drag hunting event in Dyrehaven, Klampenborg, on Sunday
Embed from Getty Images
Lovely butterfly brooch on the side of the Duchess of York’s fedora
This millinery design caught my eye this week (see the comments for several more):

Beautiful portraits of Princess Elisabeth released for her 21st birthday

First pictures of Prince Alexander of Russia

Congratulations to Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg on her engagement to Nicolas Bagory.

A statement from Norway about a change to Princess Märtha Louise’s role
Lovely snaps of the Dutch king and queen with their three daughters taken at an exhibition on Queen Juliana at Nieuwe Kerk last week
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Images from social media as indicated 

17 thoughts on “Last Week’s Extras

  1. THREE Royal fedoras this week – all very nice.
    The New Draper’s Cloche from Ballard Millinery Studio looks perfect for a blustery winter day. I love the cherry pie hat! Every year when I was growing up, mom asked me what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday, and I always answered “cherry pie.” I want to like the seafoam percher, with the beautiful variety of green feathers, but it seems somehow off to me. Top heavy perhaps, though the color combination is fantastic.

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