Imperial Royal Hats Last Week

It was another busy week of hats for the women in the Imperial Royal family last week:

For an October 23 Nobel Prize lecture on water sustainability, Princess Hisako wore a ruby bumper hat.

On Wednesday, October 26, Crown Princess Kiko wore a simple black brimmed hat for a memorial event in Tokyo. The same day, Princess Hisako attended an interior design show in a green suit and ecru braid hat trimmed with green flowers and buds on the side.

Empress Masako wore a pale beige brimmed hat with cafe au lait hued silk hatband for the GEA International Conference on Thursday, October 27

Princess Kako attended a series of rites at Wakamiya Shrine on Friday, October 29 in an ivory bumper hat with bow at the back.

On Saturday, October 29, Crown Princess Kiko wore an ivory hat with double brim – one covered in the same fabric as her suit- for the opening of a Sports Festival.

Also on October 29, Princess Akiko of Mikasa stood out at a rugby match in a red brimmed hat with black hatband and ecru spray of feathers on one side.

Princess Hisako paid a 2-day visit to Tochigi Prefecture October 30-31 to attend the National Sports Festival for Persons with Disabilities. On the first day of the visit, she wore a black hat with short, curved brim trimmed with a feather on the side.

For the closing ceremony on Monday, October 31, she wore a pale grey hat with shallow crown, trimmed with a lighter grey hatband and curving spray of burgundy feathers on the side.

Princess Hisako arrived for a 2-day visit to Hiroshima on Saturday, November 5, to attend events for the 8th Special Olympics Japan Summer National Games. On this day, she wore a pale grey silk covered hat with ruched wide hatband trimmed with an ornate silver buckle.

On Sunday, November 6, Princess Hisako wore another smart grey felt hat, this one with flared crown and upturned brim. This design is trimmed with purple and grey stacked hatbands and a purple and grey plaid bow at the side.

Do any hats stand out here for you?

Images from social media as indicated  

3 thoughts on “Imperial Royal Hats Last Week

  1. As always, the Imperial women are beautifully dressed – elegant and classic. I enjoy their suits and clothes just as much as their hats. Princess Hisako’s grey hats are simple and rich. Thanks for including the Japanese ladies, HQ!

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