Cheltenham Festival 2023 Day 1

The Cheltenham Festival kicked off today with a pair of royal hats in attendance. Princess Anne repeated one of her brimless dark fur hats.

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Zara Tindall wore a new hat described by the designer as a “Peachbloom felt pillbox trimmed with a silk abaca bow (which) neatly sits towards the back of the head with loops and combs to secure.”

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

It’s a sleek design that topped a streamlined ensemble for Zara. The trouser and hat combination is très chic.

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Designer: Bow Felt Pillbox by Juliette Botterill. Coat by Karen MIllen
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Thoughts about this pair of hats?

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4 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2023 Day 1

  1. From the front view this hat looked like a bandeau at first and from the side it looks like a calot. I am surprised it is supposed to be a pillbox. But, I did like it! The color is beautiful and she is styled just perfect. I hope we get to see Mike wearing the hat, soon!

    • Intrigued, I thought the exact same thing about all three of your comments – the hat’s shape, color, and hoping Mike tries it on. His tie is perfect for it!
      Zara’s ensemble is rather Christmasy, don’t you think? I love the color.

  2. I’m glad that Anne is wearing this hat here, where it seems quite suitable, especially given the weather. Zara is wearing a lovely colour for this time of year, I think. I really like Zara’s hat very much, and as has been said, it’s a welcome change from her usual percher style. I very often think that Zara’s small hats suit her face really well but don’t balance her outfits as a whole, whereas this whole ensemble looks very good, perhaps a combination of the different style of hat with the overall cut and elegance of the coat.

  3. Overall this is a classic Zara ensemble, but what makes this one different is it’s not the usual percher, but instead she’s gone with a calot style (or at least placement) instead. It’s a nice change, although I would definitely like to see her try some wide brims again.

    Nothing new from Anne, although a nice look for what appeared to be a chilly day (it was very windy and cold where I am today, especially for this time of March).

    A few other looks I enjoyed from Day 1 of Cheltenham:
    Embed from Getty Images

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