Commonwealth Day 2023

Members of the British royal family attended the annual Commonwealth Service today at Westminster Abbey.

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Queen Camilla repeated a striking royal blue beret trimmed with a crescent of royal blue and black feathers anchored with a knotted felt twist.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: Nov 22, 2022

The Princess of Wales wore a new hat in navy felt with rounded crown and wide brim, simply trimmed with a large bow on the side.

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It’s a classic shaped hat in a beautiful colour- what’s not to love?!

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Designer: Sean Barrett. Suit by Erdem.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The new Duchess of Edinburgh wore a new ivory felt pillbox hat with pork pie indented crown, trimmed with a looping black buntal bow around the back.

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The sleek lines of the hat and coat work so well together as do the black bow on the hat and the black buttons on the coat. The monochrome colour scheme creates such a sophisticated look for Sophie.

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Designer: Ilithyia hat In Felt by Jane Taylor. Coat by Proenza Schouler.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Princess Royal repeated her pale green brushed felt trilby trimmed with a grey hatband and side bow. The split crown shape gives great visual interest to this piece, although I’d love to see the wobbly brim smoothed.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Mar 13, 2020; Dec 25, 2016Nov 10, 2014;  March 16, 2012

Thoughts about this quartet of hats today at Westminster Abbey?

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16 thoughts on “Commonwealth Day 2023

  1. Three very sharp looks, and Anne looking fine in her sensible way. Camilla is vibrant in this blue. I’d prefer either a close color match or more of a contrast for Kate’s, but I can live with it with the overall ensemble looking so good (the delightful reverse print lining!) The pillbox is not my favorite shape for Sophie, but I don’t see it as nurselike. It’s funny that people still think of nurse’s caps — is it only those of us of a “certain age”? It’s been many years since I’ve seen a nurse wear any headgear other than a scrub cap.

  2. Camilla: Beautiful blue jewel tone ensemble; very elegant on her.
    Kate: The shape of this deep navy hat with its wide brim suits her very well. The color difference doesn’t bother me, since navy is a favorite color for me.
    Sophie: She does have a nurse vibe to her, but I still like it all the same.
    Anne: WOW! An 11 year old hat and coat! While she looks quite smart, I think her ensemble is better suited for Cheltenham on a cool March day. I found a very interesting article about her hat and coat, just written yesterday. I hope some of the other kapelophiles (a new word for me!) out there will enjoy it.

  3. I can take or leave Anne’s hat, but the other three are lovely. Camilla’s hat is such a gorgeous colour. Kate’s outfit altogether was so elegant, I thought. People have commented on the different shades of hat and dress, but I think this is down to how light reflects differently on different fabrics (and particularly with Navy), and is emphasised by almost all the photos being of Kate outside (as one might expect because they show the hat better!) If you look at the photo of Kate and William against a dark background, there is very much less contrast, and when I watched the service, it looked to me as though the colour match was pretty good between hat and dress. For an outfit that is going to be worn with two such different types of lighting, I don’t know what can be done about that apart from co9vering the hat in the dress fabric!

  4. When considering the hats alone, this was a fantastic outing! However, outfit-wise I was less thrilled.

    Camilla, a great look, although I was a little disappointed she repeated this ensemble so soon, and at her first Commonwealth Service as Queen; I was hoping for a new hat in a different color.

    I understand navy blues are difficult to match and perhaps in person it looked better, but in every photo I’ve seen the shade of Kate’s hat is much more blue compared to the rest of her outfit and accessories; I agree with JamesB they are too close without actually matching.

    I really liked Sophie’s hat, but with her hair pulled straight back and a virtually all-white outfit made it feel like an old-fashioned nurse’s uniform to me. Some black piping on her outfit, black shoes, and a different hairstyle (side chignon?) would’ve made a big difference.

    And oldie but goodie from Anne. Surprised it’s been so long since we last saw this, but I welcome its return since it features shades of my favorite color: green!

    There were a couple additional royals in attendance at this service: King Ogiame Atuwatse III of Warri, the 21st Olu of Warri, and Queen Olori Atuwatse III.
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    The King looked to repeat a white wide brimmed felt hat previously worn during his coronation ( while the Queen donned a beautiful beaded white turban.

  5. Camilla and Sophie aced this one, both in put together monochromatic outfits. This is one of Camilla’s more recent jewel coloured outfits, and when she goes down this route it suits her so well.
    All the elements of Kate’s look are lovely, but the non matching blues really bothers me. Just too close to be intentional, so it’s a mismatch. The shape is lovely though, a neat repeat of the hat from HM’s funeral.
    Anne can always be relied upon to shop her own closet!

  6. First of all, so great to see this hat parade from the British Royals.
    All very elegant. The Princess of Wales making a real style statement. Queen Camilla really looks good in these strong colors, like the late Queen, she can really be seen. I know this is about hats, but do feel that there is an inherent sorrow in the Princess Royal’s face since her mother’s passing. She Carrie’s memories that no one else does.

  7. I like all the hats but most of all I like the Princess Royal’s beautiful smile, so reminiscent of her mother! In the top row of her pictures, her face especially resembles her father’s face as well. These pictures caught me by surprise in a nostalgic way.

  8. Everything positively elegant!
    Not crazy about the fit of Sophie’s coat, but the ivory and black was lovely.
    Camilla should wear this color more often.

  9. All hats look wonderful.

    Queen Camilla looks wonderful in this rich jewel tone. I wish she would wear such colours more often.

    The P of Wales’ hat is a very good shape for her. The outfit has a modern, yet 1940’s, feel to it.

    It is so good yo see Sophie with a big smile. A stylish hat for her.

    I like Anne’s hat, but agree about the brim. HBA

  10. I do like all of the hats. Not pleased with the length of most of the skirts/ coats.
    Princess .of Wales outfit appears black in the pictures. Is it dark blue?

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