Queen Máxima Visits Equal Opportunities Community

Queen Máxima visited the Equal Opportunities Community in Den Bosch on Tuesday, a community providing equal opportunities for children and young people. For this visit, she repeated a vibrant fuchsia bandeau headpiece with embroidered bead, pearl and sequin embellishment.

Embed from Getty Images

The pairing of aubergine suit and fuchsia blouse and bandeau is unexpectedly brilliant and I love how the headpiece’s embellishment enables it to stand out in the overall ensemble. It’s so fun.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: ‘Laxmi’ Headband in Fuchsia by NamJosh for Anthropologie. Suit by Zara. 
Previously Worn: Oct 13, 2022

I’m on the fence about a neater hairstyle for this ensemble- that would certainly polish the look but I think some days, we just all deserve a break.

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3 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Visits Equal Opportunities Community

  1. I don’t mind the headpiece with the hairdo, it’s a headband after all so that’s okay. I just think it’s one element too many, and trips over into being just that bit too matchy.

  2. An appropriate choice for this occasion. The color and style are great for a relatively low-key event.
    How about a youthful ponytail for her hair, since she’s meeting young people?

  3. This isn’t my favorite headpiece for Máxima, but it worked perfectly for the occasion and coordinated very well with her outfit. I liked the relaxed hairstyle (I will guess the young people she met with didn’t mind), and I personally wish more hats were worn with the hair down, styled or less so; I think it would even help balance out some of the hats and outfits.

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