Royal Maundy Service 

King Charles and Queen Camilla attended the annual Royal Maundy Service today, held this year in York Minster.

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For this event, Queen Camilla repeated a navy blue straw hat with angular crown and sidesweeping brim, simply trimmed with an ivory padded silk hatband. It’s a streamlined, sharp look that stood out against the cathedral backdrop and Easter flowers.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Dress by Bruce Oldfield.
Previously Worn: Oct 15, 2022; May 10, 2022July 21, 2021

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7 thoughts on “Royal Maundy Service 

  1. This isn’t my favourite hat, but it is quite imposing because of its scale, so I think appropriate for this outing. The whole outfit is well put together, including the accessories.

  2. While I get it’s an easy color to go with, Camilla has worn a LOT of blue in the past year and I would like to see some more colors for her. This hat is also very simple and suits working occasions, but Maundy Thursday feels a little more important and I would’ve liked to see something a bit fancier; not to mention this feels like déjà vu from last year.

  3. Classic Camilla. Without re-stirring a past pot (or am I?), it’s interesting to compare LAST year’s Maundy Thursday outing – clearly a different hat, once you click on it to enlarge it. Notice, besides the obvious white trim difference, the navy lace enwrapping the crown, and the slightly different brim shape. I wonder what’s in store for Easter!

    April 14, 2022
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    For a fascinating discussion, enjoy again last year’s heated debate.

  4. This hat is great on her because it has a tailored look about it. I wish that look would be transferred to her clothing

    choices. The boxy A-line zip front dresses do her no favor. Her dresses and skirts need to be about 5″ longer. A new

    hairstyle would also be helpful- perhaps a sleek bob instead of the bleached out Farah Fawcett 70’s style. Coming into

    a new role, it would be nice to see her appearance change along with that. Her color choices, however, the blues, pinks,

    and ivories are spot-on. I just think a change in the hair and clothing would make her hats stand out more- I’m

    thinking Queen Maxima, who often wears large hats, yet they are usually quite simple in design.

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