British King and Queen Present New Colours

King Charles and Queen Camilla took part in a ceremony this morning on the North Lawn of the Buckingham Palace garden to present new standards and colours to the Royal Navy, the Life Guards of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, The King’s Company of the Grenadier Guards and The King’s Colour Squadron of the Royal Air Force.

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King Charles, as expected, was in full military uniform and cap. Queen Camilla repeated her ruby fur felt beret percher hat  trimmed with a side spray of monochrome felt leaves and berries.

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On its own, the ensemble is so well balanced, the strong colour tempered with Camilla’s light hair and the smaller scale of the hat. Make no mistake- this hat is no wallflower!  As I said on its first outing, here is a case when a large brimmed hat in the same colour would likely have been too much and the shape and scale of the great trim on this design make a striking, stand-alone statement. In the overall context of this military event with lots of scarlet coats in attendance, it was such a fitting choice.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Coat by Fiona Clare Couture. 
Previously Worn: Oct 14, 2021 

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13 thoughts on “British King and Queen Present New Colours

  1. Yes, this is a great hat. I looked at the photos of its other outing, and this is definitely better, because it’s worn tilted down over one eye a bit more, rather than sitting more on top of her head, and it really does make a difference.

    • I agree that the hat placement is better this time – more tilted, and th decoration slightly more to the side – and it improves greatly what was already a good hat and outfit.

      • I have been flicking back and forth between the current and previous wearings of this coat, and though it’s clearly the same coat, is it my imagination, or did it previously have shiny lines on the seams in front that aren’t there now? Or was that just the way the light was hitting it? Photo below from 2021:
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        • It looks the same, but it’s a different one. Look at the plain sleeves in this picture. The other day, there were pin tucks from the shoulder.

          • Okay, yes, I see that, but my grandmother was a professional seamstress back in the days when seamstresses actually made new garments rather than just did alterations. I used to watch her sew — she could have added pin tucks like that to sleeves in a very short time. It doesn’t make sense to me that Camilla would have two different red coats by the same designer that seem identical in design except for some shiny stuff on the seams and some pin tucks. The tucks/seams at the wrists are already there in the 2021 photos. I can’t even say that I like one way better than the other — they’re both nice.
            (Apologies to HatQueen for focusing on the coat rather than the hat!)

  2. This was one of those rare occasions when I actually saw the event covered on TV before seeing the post here, and it was wonderful to see this beautiful hat again. I think I agree with Jake that a Christmas wearing would be “expected” and a little stereotypical, whereas red to coordinate with the military jackets was perfect. HatQueen, could you please explain the difference between a “beret percher” and an ordinary percher? I agree that it’s not exactly a beret with all that embellishment, but beyond that, I’m not clear.

  3. Fantastic to see this repeated again! Red is definitely a great color for Camilla. I can see this being worn for Christmas and Canada, but ultimately I’m glad it’s not been worn so stereotypically. And personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Camilla sport a large brimmed scarlet hat and outfit; it Mathilde can do it, why not Camilla?

  4. Why doesn’t Camilla wear red more often? The color lights up her face. Perhaps other comments regarding the style and Christmas vibe of the hat are quibbles.

  5. Again I find myself sticking with JamesB on all points mentioned, with its Christmasy vibe being my only quibble. Since red is such a strong, vibrantly beautiful color for Camilla, I’m amazed that she only has one other true red hat, her beret worn in Scotland!

  6. It’s great to see her in red after so much blue! As you say this is perfect for the occasion. The reds slightly mismatch, but I guess that’s just the difference in fabric. My only gripe is with it’s Holly leaves and berries, this is a very festive hat; I can’t believe she hasn’t worn it at Christmas!

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