Opening of Welsh Parliament

Queen Elizabeth, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were in Cardiff this morning to attend the opening ceremony of the sixth session of the Senedd.

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For this occasion, the Queen repeated her dusty pink cashmere covered hat with domed crown and downward facing brim, trimmed with layered black and pink hatbands and a side spray of handmade silk flowers.

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It’s amazing how much visual impact that slim black pinstripe of hatband brings to this design (along with the black buttons on the coat), adding punchy contrast amidst all the dusky pink. It’s another take on the stovepipe silhouette we often see on Her Majesty’s hats, this one set apart by the extended brim which is beautifully balanced by that slight dome on the top of the crown.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Cashmere coat and silk dress by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: Oct 15, 2020Mar 13, 2019Mar 27, 2018

The Duchess of Cornwall wore a new beret percher hat in red felt trimmed with a side spray of monochrome felt leaves and berries.

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The colour nod to the red Welsh dragon is a lovely touch and the different textures on hat and coat dress (note the tassels at the the back!) make the monochrome look work. This is a case when a large brimmed hat in the same colour would likely have been too much and while beret shapes are a secondary go-to silhouette for Camilla, the shape and scale of the fantastic trim on this design  make a striking, stand-alone statement.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Coat by Fiona Clare.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of this pair of hats today in Cardiff?

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11 thoughts on “Opening of Welsh Parliament

  1. A lovely pair of hats, even if the colors clash instead of coordinate as we saw with HM’s most recent outing. The dusty pink remains one of my favorites for the queen. It’s such a perfect color and shape for her. Love the dimension that the black pinstripe gives.

    It’s great to see Camilla in red, and the exuberant trim is so fun.

  2. I LOVE Camilla’s hat! Whilst the red gives a nod to Wales, I’m also betting, with the berry trim, that we see this hat again over Christmas. The dress is a red version of her green “Rifles Regiment uniform” dress.

    I also like the Queen’s hat, but I still think the coat design is ugly.

  3. I love QEII’s hat, not too high. When she wore the coat on a previous occasion I’d secretly hoped that the front button placket might have been redesigned.

    As for Camilla she should wear red/scarlet more often it suits her – I can’t recall her wearing red/scarlet since the evening her engagement to Prince Charles was announced. The tassels are pointless – the seaming is enough. The hat is gorgeous when I quickly saw the hat earlier I wondered if there might be a little Welsh dragon hiding in the decoration. I like this size hat on Camilla as much as I like her larger ones. It looks comfortable to wear.

    • I love the tassels! They’re kind of like Camilla, a bit of naughty fun while being very correct, like her snake necklace. What a sensational color on her!

  4. This has always been a wonderful hat for HM, and I like the slight jaunty angle she has it perched at for this event.

    Miracles do happen and prayers to the hat gods have been answered! Camilla is stunning in this scarlet red and the hat and coat both suit her perfectly. I, for one, am glad they aren’t of matching material and don’t mind if the colors are just slightly off since that’s bound to happen with different materials (this also allows for potential mix & match with other outfits). More of this please! Definitely one of my favorite royal hats of 2021.

  5. The two-colored layered hatbands have become a trademark of Trevor Morgan hats for the Queen recently. Most highlight the Queen’s black accessories, but sometimes they have two colors found in the coat or dress. It’s an effective technique for making the Queen look color coordinated. This dusty pink is one of her prettiest hats. I’m not so fond of the coat, but the color is flattering.
    While the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat may not be of her traditional large brimmed variety, it is spectacular with its felt leaves. JamesB makes a good point about the (mis?)match of reds: when coat and hat are of different fabric, different lighting makes a difference. Since the Queen often goes with the same material for coat and hat, potential mismatch is not a problem, no matter what the lighting.

  6. Still like this pink hat on HM, it’s lovely. Not sure it goes with the yellow brooch, but daffodils for Wales; I get it!

    Camilla – wow; that hat is fabulous! The scale and detail are fantastic. Though I do think it’s a bit seasonal, and she needs to whip it out again at Christmas. Not sure the red matches the coat either, but probably lighting.

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