Day 2 Royal Ascot: Wrap Up

Royal Ascot  As we wrap up Day 2 of Royal Ascot, we can’t end without a look at the hats worn by royal men, with a special mention to Crown Prince Frederick. I think this is the first top hat we’ve seen on him!

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I know a number of you have mentioned non-royal hats at Ascot that you have enjoyed as much as the royal ones- please feel free to share them in the comments of this post. I have a few I plan to add to your discussion!

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Day 2 Royal Ascot: Crown Princess Mary

Royal Ascot  The other big surprise today was the attendance of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. For her first visit to Royal Ascot, Princess Mary repeated a vertical saucer hat in natural straw studded with diamanté, trimmed with large silk roses and flying coque feathers.

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Royal Hats: I love this styling of the natural straw hat with Mary’s vibrant orange dress. I wish the British royals would take a page out of her book and pair their neutral hats with some colour! Their brim-to-hem looks in all cream are getting tiresome. I also love that Mary has paired an extremely ornamental hat with a more streamlined dress-  the complimentary contrast of these two very different pieces creates such a balanced ensemble.

Jill: Such a ladylike outfit, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark looks fantastic. I very much like the color combination of the natural straw with the bright orange/red of her dress and the overall look is effortless. These profile hugging fascinators are not easy to wear but it suits her and the way the flowers are balancing her hairstyle is perfect.

Fiona: Love the coral colour and style of her dress. The barley coloured, (though not my favourite colour) works as a good contrast for a hat. Nice style hat, we have seen a lot of this before – classic and safe but the edgeless edge or untrimmed edge is always a welcome detail. Love the shoes with the ankle strap. Though they look a different colour to her hat, it works as another contrasting colour.

Christie: This is a much better example of how to do a solo flower trim than the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat yesterday. The stripped coque feathers lighten the weight of the flower, in addition to the clean angled lines of the base. She looks very elegant and it’s beautifully balanced from the side.

Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: May 22, 2012; July 2, 2011

It’s unanimous- not only do we love this five year old hat, we love the overall styling of Crown Princess Mary’s ensemble today. What do you think of this piece for the Danish princess’ Ascot début?

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Crown Princess Mary Launches Ship

Crown Princess Mary was in Copenhagen’s harbour today to christen the Stena Line’s newest tanker, “Stenaweco Impulse”. For this event, she repeated her cream picture hat with waved brim.

 Crown Princess Mary,  June 13, 2016 in Susanne Juul | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Mary,  June 13, 2016 in Susanne Juul | Royal Hats

Yes- I did say “repeated”. I’ll explain more about that in a minute. For this outing, Mary embellished the hat with a large, pale pink straw stylized flower. The shape of the flower works well with the waved brim and the two pieces create a wonderfully romantic look with a slight modern edge.

Crown Princess Mary,  June 13, 2016 in Susanne Juul | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Mary,  June 13, 2016 in Susanne Juul | Royal Hats

Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: April 16, 2010

Now about the bit about this piece being “repeated”- I have to sheepishly admit that I completely forgot about this hat. Mary has this very same hat in purple and when she wore a new, black version of it (with slightly modified brim) to Prince Oscar’s christening last month, I paired the purple and black hats up as ‘hat twins’ in my mind and completely missed this cream version in my too-quick glance back through the archives. In my defence, Mary has only worn this hat once before, which is curious in its own right. It’s such a beautiful design and with removeable embellishment, able to pair well with almost any summer ensemble. To see it along side its purple and black twins, jump over to this updated comparison post.
As noted in the previous post, the newest black version of this hat captured your pick for favourite new hat last month. Are you equally enamoured with this repeated cream version on Crown Princess Mary today?

Seeing Triple: Crown Princess Mary

Royal HatsCrown Princess Mary knocked our proverbial socks off at the recent christening of Prince Oscar in a fantastic new straw picture hat. This, however, is not the first picture hat with wave brim we have seen on the Danish princess:

At the May 27, 2016 Swedish christening and at the 350th Anniversary Of The Royal Danish Life Guards on June 30, 2008

2016-05-27 Prince Oscar baptism      2009-08-03 Daens Wordwide annual meeting

At the Swedish christening and at the August 3, 2009 annual meeting of Danes Wordwide at Kronborg Castle

UPDATE: I completely forgot that Princess Mary has a third version of this hat, in cream straw. The hat made its début on April 16, 2010 where it was paired it with the same cream silk flower and feather spray as she attached to the black version for Prince Oscar’s christening:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The purple and cream designs follow a very similar shape and scale to the black one, with a slightly lower upsweep on the brim opposite the wave. All three hats are Susanne Juul designs made of straw and have the practical option of adding additional trim . I have long adored the purple hat and the addition of the new black one adds a versatile and beautiful piece into Mary’s millinery closet. When I thought there were two versions of this design, I said, “We’re often left scratching our own heads when it comes to royal hat triplets but in this case, I’m simply nodding in approval.” I stand by that statement. I’m just not sure it applies to THREE versions of the same design, no matter how beautiful they are!

What do you think of this trio of similar picture hats?

Photo from Getty as indicated; Stella Pictures; and James Thistead via Corbis

Day 3 of Danish Summer Cruise

Last Friday, Queen Margrethe arrived in Varde for a two-day stop on the first leg of this year’s summer cruise. For this day of engagements, the Danish queen repeated her fuchsia straw hat with trio of white rosettes and navy floral double hat band. It takes a fair amount of bravado to carry off a bright pink suit and hat and Margrethe manges to succeed. I’m delighted by the glimpse of her white gloves in the first photo below, practically tucked into her jacket pocket.

 Queen Margrethe, June 3, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe, June 3, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: August 31, 2015June 26, 2015

Queen Margrethe appeared at engagements in Vardge on Saturday, unfortunately without a hat. She’s taking a few days off but we’ll see her again next weekend in the Faroe Islands where she’ll draw this leg of the cruise to a close. In the meantime, what do you think of her pink hat?

Photos from Henning Bagger/Scanpix via The Danish Monarchy