Luxembourg Royals Join Octave Procession

Members of the Luxembourg Royal family took part in the closing procession of the Octave of Our Lady of Luxembourg (a two week annual religious celebration) yesterday. For this event, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore a black and white picture hat by Fabienne Delvigne that I thought looked lovely…. until I caught site of the open top (it’s not visible here but the top of this hat was completely open). Nice try but open topped hats? Not a good idea.

2013-05-05 12 Closing of the Octave 250

Princess Stéphanie wore a navy straw hat complete with diagonal raised brim and large navy bow on the side opposite the raised brim. While it was a much better hat than the one she wore last week at the Dutch Inauguration, I’m not a fan of this one. Something about the crown and brim proportions and shape are off. Plus, the bow is awfully twee and the high side of the brim is not raised in a smooth upsweep- from the front the brim looks wavy and unrefined. Maybe the hat was bought off the peg?

UPDATE- The hat was a ready-to-wear item from Armani’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

2013-05-05 8 250  2013-05-05 10 Closing of the Octave 250

Photos from Manuel Dias via Le Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg

6 thoughts on “Luxembourg Royals Join Octave Procession

  1. One would expect to see a hat with this appearance and style at a sandy getaway in the tropics, but the open top simply does not work in that situation. At least it shades the eyes. Its also hard to place the style of Duchess Stéphanie’s hat because its half one and half another. The effect is still a good look.

  2. I actually own some vintage hats from the 40’s and 50’s that have open tops. Really wonderful for wearing with your hair styled as part of the hat. I like this one.

  3. Quelle horreur! I can not believe this simply beautiful hat was made as an unelegant convertible. My rating of 8/10 must be downgraded to 2/10 out of principle. Now to the dear young Hereditary Grand Duchess – she is young and she will learn. Her features, which unforunately include a pointed nose and chin, would be best highlighted and softened with a small, delicate rounded hat. Perhaps a new designer can be obtained to provide the poor dear with a millinery makeover?

    • LOL – one might get the impression you are talking about the ‘wicked witch of the west’.

      i agree – stephanie certainly still has to develop her very own style, at present she prefers staying on the safe side. understandable approach, nothing wrong with that. better than the tacky side of wrong, isn’t it?

      she seems to be a very intelligent and charming young lady and certainly will sooner or later discover what suits her best instead of maybe following M-I-L’s advice.

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