Youngest British Royals at the Badminton Horse Trials

Just a day after her birthday, Autumn Phillips, her husband Peter and two young daughters were spotted cheering for Zara Phillips at the third day of the Badminton Horse Trials. One year old Isla was a little ray of sunshine in a pink knitted hat topping off a wide grin. Little Savannah, who is two-and-a-half, was a more serious cheerleader in an adorable puppy dog cable knit hat. I think we have some serious royal hat wearers in the making!

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2 thoughts on “Youngest British Royals at the Badminton Horse Trials

  1. I adore all of your pics throughout your blog. I am just wondering… Any chance the photos could be larger pixels? I would love to pin them on my Pinterest boards which links them back to your blog… But the pixels are too small to be a nice, quality pin. 🙂

    Love this first photo with the unabashed joy of the little one!

    • Hi Leslie; I’m glad you enjoy the photos! I search high and low to find the best ones I can possibly find. As for pixel quality – I usually size photos down for viewing here. How about for the next week, I leave photos at their original sizes (but just downsize the viewing image size here on the blog) and you let me know if there’s any improvement?

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