Swedish Royal Wedding: The Bride’s Family

Royal Hats Queen Silvia wore Queen Sofia’s Tiara (also known as the Nine Prong Tiara) which is way too spiky for my liking but seems to work for her. This tiara was also a great compliment to her intricately beaded pale green gown.

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Crown Princess Victoria debuted a “new” tiara, Princess Lilian’s Laurel Wreath Tiara. Princess Lilian, Victoria’s great aunt, passed away in March this year and left her tiara to Victoria. I was secretly hoping she would choose to wear it for the first time today and thought it looked great on her. With it’s open center, this tiara is a little difficult to wear – it might look even better on Victoria with some higher hair nestled behind it next time? Victoria looked fantastic overall, although she could have probably worn a paper bag and we all would be too busy watching adorable Princess Estelle to notice!
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16 thoughts on “Swedish Royal Wedding: The Bride’s Family

  1. I loved both the color and styling of Victoria’s and Silvia’s otfits, queen Silvia’s dress went well with the green theme of Madeleine’s wedding

  2. Queen Silvia’s dress was over done, over beaded, overworked and not tailored well. Nice idea but pooly executed.

    Princess Victoria on the other hand was stunning. Fadi El Khoury made a masterpiece. Victoria accessorized it perfectly and wore it beautifully. It’s quite an amazing woman who can carry haute couture and an 18 month old at the same time!

    • Victoria and Madeleine both looked light, airy and beautiful. Queen Silvia’s whole look was tired and heavy. That tiara seriously looked like a pair of antlers.

  3. Victoria looked fabulous today!!!!!!! Apart from the bride of course, she gets my vote as today’s best overall. Her hair is looser and ultra elegant, hooray for Aunt Lillian’s tiara, and can you believe that necklace? Was that a bequest from Lillian too? Her gown was perfectly gorgeous. I know you haven’t shown all the guests yet, but those European ladies sure do rock those lace dresses, don’t they? Even Sophie got into the act with lace, and before anyone says her gown looked matronly, I loved it.

  4. I don’t like the Nine Prong tiara in the abstract, but I thought Silvia looked really wonderful today, and she has the hair to carry the tiara off, which could be said of very few ladies… Victoria looked stunning too, lots of sparkle, and I was pleased to see Princess Lilian’s tiara. I agree that it perhaps needs a bit more hair behind it to be at its best, but compared with her usual style, Victoria’s hair was magnificent too.

  5. Victoria looks A-Maze-ING! I love Lilian’s tiara, though yes, a beehive behind would have helped.

    And I’m a fan of the pronger, but I hoped for the sapphires today; Silv wears this all the time… Heigh ho…

    • I was also hoping for the sapphires today but in retrospect, think the Nine Pronger was a little less formal and fit well with the overall feel of the wedding.

    • She shore does look pretty but that tiara looks like a big pair of false teeth on her head. Chomp chomp! LOL!

      • I disagree. I think her tiara looks like two delicate wreaths of flowers. It was so special that she wore Princess Lilian’s tiara today of all days.

  6. Keep going as you collect photos – I love seeing the parade of tiaras! (And Phillipe Carl on anyone’s arm too!) – Agree – Sophia’s is too spikey for me a well – but that’s kind of how her type goes now days – she’s not my fav fashion plate royal typically.

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