Queen Attends Polo Final At Windsor

Queen Elizabeth attended the polo final of ‘The Al Habtoor Royal Windsor Cup’ at the Guards Polo Club near Windsor yesterday. She wore a vibrant royal blue textured straw hat with slightly sloped crown, cartwheel brim and large navy and black looped bow. We have seen this hat on the Queen a few times and while it’s a lovely hat, it somehow doesn’t capture my fancy. I’m not sure why. What do you think of this hat?

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: November 2011October 2009, June 2008

Photo from Corbis

8 thoughts on “Queen Attends Polo Final At Windsor

  1. oh dear. I think it looks as though she walked through a spider web, and I’m not a fan of those Dr Suess crowns on some of her hats. I’d like to see her go back to more feminine styles.

  2. Kind of looks like the weave in the white one from Ascot this yr you did not like. I need to look back at the 2 side by side to compair the weave patterns – but my mind went to that recent white hat soon as I saw this one.

    • Yes I agree with all you gals. This is such a nice hat on the Queen. I really like the printed part on the hat and the nice bow on the side.

    • I also love this hat. I really like the pattern in the straw. I am also amazed how you are able to tell us all the times The Queen has worn each hat, and show another hat made of the same kind of star-printed straw. You have an amazing memory for hats!

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