Royal Hat Trends of 2013: #3

The Royal Hats Blog In April this year, British milliner Philip Treacy declared that the fascinator was dead. Surprisingly, he turned out to be right.

2013 Royal Hat Trend #3- Embellished Small Brimless Hats Replace the Fascinator 

The once popular royal head piece was replaced this year (for the most part) with a series of quirky, embellished small hats. 2013 was a year of interesting perchers, cocktails, pillboxes, calots, berets and saucers. We saw them on everyone, in every colour in the rainbow. Embellished with bows, twirls, leaves, flowers, net, crystals, and swirls, these fun hats packed a significant style punch. I think we’ll see them throughout 2014 as well.

Embed from Getty Images Empress Michiko, December 6, 2013 | The Royal Hats Blog 2013-10-20 St. AlbansR
Queen Silvia, May 22, 2013 in Fabienne Delvigne | The Royal Hats Blog

10 thoughts on “Royal Hat Trends of 2013: #3

  1. I really like the pillbox hats especially the hot pink one with the bow on the side. It’s fun to see the pillboxes come back into fashion. I like these small hats much better than those silly fasinators.

  2. Can someone help me out, please? I would have thought that what Zara Phillips is wearing is a fascinator. I not, what would be? Thank you!

  3. Hat Queen:
    Do you have a place where I can ask a question about hats….not styles, color, or when to wear a hat…..just about a hat?

  4. My favorites here are the hats worn by Queen Sonja, the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Mako, and Princess Benedikte. The poor Duchess of Gloucester looks like an acorn, and Queen Margrethe looks like she is moonlighting as a bellboy at a hotel.

    • A bunch of these royals usually wear large brimmed hats. Them wearing of one of these small once proves they were joining the trend. And, theses royals didn’t each were one or two of these types of hats. Princess Marie, Princess Beatrice, Princess Victoria, Princess Victoria and Kate all wore them ALL THE TIME. And a bunch of queens wore them all the time too.

  5. I was always on the fence about the fascinator and am happy to see these small hats taking over. Excellent trend for royal hats this year.

    • I completely agree. I just don’t like the way many of them are perched, as if stapled to the forehead. I know some are on headbands, I don’t like to see these either. I like a hat, whatever size, to be a hat. My absolute preference is for the pillboxes. But hey, if you get Camilla away from wide brims, which truly look magnificent on her, I think you might have a trend!

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